I am not an artist but like art,nature,photograthy,different kinds of design..I like watching beautiful things created by God or a person, so thanks a lot for giving me a chance to watch such things here on Redbubble.

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featured twice!

I wanted to share with you my second good news- I am featured twice and that was my “frog heart”! thank you and hope you like it!
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featured work

Thank you for the hosts and everybody who took part in featuring my bee-that’s my little success on RB, so thank you all very much! I am very happy about it!
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A message

Hi, guys! I really appreciate you sometimes watch my works-I know they are far from perfection -but not everything depends on me, unfortunately.. but this writing “Remember”-I think-worth reading…Do you think tha same as me? That it’s a masterpiece of some kind?
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