Shipping deadlines are coming. Gift original in time for the holidays.

Before I found Etsy I was selling my photography & other things (Gocco prints, knit items, zines, etc.) on my domain, Once I found Etsy I decided to put my domain to rest because I couldn’t really afford it anymore & let’s face it, no one knew how it was spelled & that made it difficult to find or remember. Now, over a year later I’ve decided it’s time I get back to the more professional look of my own domain, but this time as a gateway to my Etsy shop as well as a location for selling other photographs that I don’t necessarily want to add to, for any reason. I will also use it to link to my available cards & canvas prints on RedBubble.

So for the time being it is just a simple splash page gateway to my Etsy shop, but I will do more with it soon & I look forward to that. Bookmark

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