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Winner of the Portrait of the Elderly Challenge from the Virginia group – January 2009

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My first Sale!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! / Thanks to whoever bought a Laminated Print of Drops of rain!!! / I am so Happy!! You guys can not imagine!! This is an amazing feeling :) / The person who bought it, just made my day, my week.. I think you just made my year too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! / Thanks Again!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted about 5 years – 2 comments

Winning a Challenge after a while of photo silence

Well, / After a loooong while I have entered one of my shots into a challenge, and it is great news to see that it has won! / Chiva down the road… is the winner of the challenge BUSES as seen from your Dashboard! from the ROAD PHOTOGRAPHY – your dashboard point of view! Group!! / I have started to take photos again… job is not very helpfull on this, but there is always a way to …
Posted almost 6 years – Leave a comment

Gone for a looong time!

Hello Bubbers! / I know I have been gone for a looong time… more than I would like and more than I want. I miss surfing through this wonderfull Redbubble world. Try to access from my mobile, but is not the same :( / Work has kept me really busy this couple of months… but this passion I feel inside can not be stopped.. so I am back for a bit… with a couple of photos… and ex…
Posted over 6 years – 1 comments

Featured in blue!!!!!!!!

Wow… this is such a wonderful feeling!! / I just came back from work… very tired!!! And this feature has just made my night!! / Just logged in to check on the bubble and got this nice surprise!! / The featured work is Bubble Water, in the Out of the Blue group. / Chek it out…
Posted over 6 years – 2 comments