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Ela Steel

Cedar Park, United States

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Ela Steel was born in Ontario, Canada. She graduated from the Fine Arts program at Georgian College’s School of Design and Visual Art in Barrie, Ontario (just outside Toronto) in 2005. Since then she has lived as an expat artist-girl near Houston, Texas with her husband, dog and three cats. She’s been known to take months-long trips across North America and Asia.

Her interest in corsetry and insect photography are expressed in her paintings, as well as her sarcastic, dark sense of humor. She uses narratives of her childhood memories, distorted by time and her adult understanding of human interaction, as a jumping off point in her work.

Her work is held in private collections throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Australia and she has exhibited in both the US and Canada. She’s been featured in HEAD Magazine, Art Trader Magazine and the February 2009 edition of MungBeing Magazine.

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