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Hello :) my name is Ashley

I Live in Australia, Tasmania

Im an early childhood educator

Im 21 years old :)

I Own a Canon eos mark 5D iii, 24-70mm and a Pentax k20D 18-55mm and 55-200mm

  • Age: 22
  • Joined: April 2009


my life now as it is :)

Hey Its been a while since i wrote things on redbubble!! / Im almost 18 now! in August :) / Im Studying Childstudies this year :) and passing with flying colours! hahaha / My photography has slowed down tho, which has been annoying… my class this year is very stupiddddddd! and basic :/ / but my teachers are ALWAYS impressed by my work :D and lovveeee it. / I passed last years hardddd photo…
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LIFE again xD

Been sooo busy with school!, / its almost the end of college, been doing heaps of essays for photography class! :) / going well now.. for a while i just didnt complete work and now i am :D / I cant wait for holidays! / Almost completed my cert 2 in hospitality aswell :) / Off to work placement for a while :/ so that means less photography! DAMMM / i will be uploading new stuff soon :D / hope u gu…
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Life :)

Hey everyone :) / Just want to see what everyone has been up to :)? / What work have u done recently ? :D places u been to? ect.. / Lately iv been working in the school studio taking photos of zoe again! the photos turned out great i think :D ill upload them when i get a chance :D hehe! / hope everyone is good :D
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SCHOOL update :)

Hey guys, Had my photography interview today for school… it went welll, got assest on my work… and they were very impressed :D YAY!. so happy.
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