I grew up on a small farm in Colorado and got the photography bug early. At ten I saved money for my first box camera. Every picture I took told a piece of the early history of my life and I still have many of those photos in an album. Photos are the only way we can capture that event, person, natural wonder for all time without the color of our memory changing it. Photos are the only way we can get perspective on who we are and how we fit into this life as time races on and everything changes, including us, before our eyes. We see the river as it truly is for only one second. But we can keep a picture of how it was for all time. Sometimes my camera captures beauty and sometimes it just captures life and sometimes what I see is not what I thought I saw when I looked through the lens. I love this earth and all its amazing lifeforms. A quick perusal of my photographs shows I have not become "focused’ on any particular style. I am too much in love with the art right now, and sometimes just work with my camera and on slower days spend time working with software.

My images are not in the public domain. All images are copyrighted by Eileen McVey and all rights are reserved. They may not be published, transferred, reproduced, modified or used in any way or in any part thereof without my written permission. If you wish to purchase any of my images you can do so here at this site.

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Red Bubble Changes

I am guessing that the sale of photographic art (certainly the lack of sale of mine) has induced RedBubble to include annoying surveys and drop down and pop-up ads on its site today. Wondering if a museum would put Wrigley’s gum ads next to a painting to help its bottom line?
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Taking Time to Assess

This week I am going to work through all those great photos that I have marked as Favorites over the last few years. I want to analyze what caught my eye, what I can learn from the photo composition, tone, process, etc. I also want to see if I have become more discerning over time. Does anyone else do this?
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Feeling Irish

Feeling the love and hugs today as two photographers nominated two different photos of mine for the same challenge! Now everything else should go perfectly today…right?
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File drag and drop

Many of us have subject groups for our portfolio but I have noticed that one of my folders no longer allows me to drag and drop from the main display to the subject group. It is a large group of files and I am wondering if RB has a memory limit to these subject groupings or a file limit?
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