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Red Bubble Changes

I am guessing that the sale of photographic art (certainly the lack of sale of mine) has induced RedBubble to include annoying surveys and drop down and pop-up ads on its site today. Wondering if a museum would put Wrigley’s gum ads next to a painting to help its bottom line?


  • Manon Boily
    Manon Boily11 months ago

    that’s really annoying!

  • Alex Preiss
  • GardenTripod
    GardenTripod11 months ago

    I don’t think the pop up adds are from red bubble … Have you got a bug or something happing from your browser ?

  • The drop down banner on the right has and offers some discounts to a site called Lizardlink. I will check any apps and extensions to make sure, though.

    – Eileen McVey

  • GardenTripod
    GardenTripod11 months ago

    I am not getting this ! it could be your browser setting

  • Eileen McVey
    Eileen McVey11 months ago was Lizardlink malware that was attached to a browser upgrade I recently made…most annoying.