I love the countryside, animals, birds, whatever nature offers. Haven’t done any photography (other than the usual holiday snaps with a point &shoot camera) for more than 20yrs, but bought a Nikon Coolpix P100 in November and have really got the bug! I’m retired so now have plenty of time to indulge my new passion.

My goodness how technology has changed things. Have to say that I’m not a fan of too much tinkering in PhotoShop, makes things look ‘unreal’ to me.

I’m learning so much on here from fellow ‘bubblers’ thank you all. I enjoy looking at some of the magnificant work which gives me inspiration, also encouragement when I read on some profiles ‘self taught’ and such fabulous work.
All tips, and constructive comments on my work are most welcome.

Are there any other redbubblers living in/near York who might like to meet up for a coffee and a ‘natter’ about photography?

And finally, my work like everyone elses is copyright, so please don’t even think of trying to copy it……you wont end up on the naughty step………oh no, nothing so simple…….you’ll be shot at dawn……

My work is all my own and it does not belong to the public domain- It may not be reproduced,copied or edited in any way.
All Rights Reserved. All images are the copyright of:
© Eileen O’Rourke

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Red Bubblers in York

Are there other RB’s living in/near York who would like to meet up for a ‘natter’ over a coffee sometime?
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