My name is Esperanza Gallego; I was born in Colombia S.A.

It was there in Colombia where I first picked up a paintbrush and taught myself to paint. The beautiful views of the country’s mountainous region from where I hail inspired my first paintings.
The emerald green of its mountains, the rainbow of fruits, flowers and vegetation has been on many occasions the subject of my work.

Through the years, I have lived in various cities of the United States, and have traveled through many parts of the world. I find that my surroundings are the source of my inspiration. At times it’s the breathtaking colors of New England’s fall foliage, other times it’s the incredible flowers of Butchart Gardens or California’s beautiful coastline.

I have always admired Georgia O’Keeffe’s gorgeous flowers, her lush powerful paintings and nature’s beauty are the reasons I paint.

I am not a professional photographer but I love to take pictures of the places I visit.

Hope you enjoy my work and thanks for your visit and comments :)



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Host leaving the groups

Due to personal reasons I am not going to be able to take care of the groups anymore / I am sorry, as you know I been hosting this groups for some time, I enjoy it but is time for me to walk out, I hope somebody will decide to take over, if no one want to do it ,the groups will be close. / If you are interesting please send me a bubblemail / Here are the links to the groups / TREES,BEAUTIFUL TREE…
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