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Ine Spee

Ine Spee

Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Thanks for your support!

Hey everyone! I wanted to thank everyone for showing their support on my last journal, when I mentioned my lack of inspiration and the horrible artist’s block I was in. Reading those supportive comments really helped me to not feel too down about it all. So thank you!

While I was in my artist’s block, I also started doing something completely new to me: making earrings. I found it to be a very peaceful and fun way to pass the time, something that could take my mind off the lack of art I was producing. Though I’m still very much a newbie when it comes to making jewelry, I decided to put some that I’ve made in an Etsy store.

But of course I’m still drawing as well. Recently uploaded two more works, and I hope to make some more soon. Had some eye surgery on Friday which I’m still sort of recovering from (not that it’s made me blind or anything), but I’ll be picking up my pencils soon again I think. =)

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