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Hi there all.

My name is Wayne Edwards and I’ve been drawing for years. I dont believe this makes me ANY kind of expert, in fact I believe I am quite the beginner.I enjoy putting graphite pencil to paper and my hand tends to bend towards a cartoon style, although I can belt out serious portraits once in a while.Red Bubble is a wonderful community with a fantastic positive energy.

  • Joined: March 2009


Gone Blank

I’ve been pretty quiet on here lately folks. Been a little dry on inspiration. Meh!
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Warner/DC Comics hate me!!!!

HA HA HA HA! Oh my GOD! / My image of “Gadget Girl Gets Her Batman” has been pulled by Redbubble at the request of Warner/DC Comics. / I want to be clear here, I DO NOT BLAME REDBUBBLE FOR THIS AT ALL, as they are only acting on the request of a major corporation, I just find it hillarious that someone as HUGE as Time Warner finds me threatening enough to require this item to be pull…
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WOW! 5000!

Just got 5000 views for my gallery! What a nice fuzzy feeling, thank you all!
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A Top 10er!

Yup! / I got a top 10 in the MENACE! challenge in the International Superheroes of Drawing, Illustration and World Domination group. I was up against a lot of stiff competition, so to get in the top 10 was a blast to say the least! Needless to say I currently hold one of those warm fuzzy feelings! / Thanx everyone!!
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