Leicester, United Kingdom

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The Making of An Audience With The Hapless

The piece was inspired by imagining what might become of the characters we knew as children when we’re all grown up and they’re no longer in the limelight. I wondered how it would be to find this particular villainous character and his sidekick in a domestic setting. How did he find himself there? Or what had caused him to retire from ‘public life’ ? -So to speak.

I decided that , much like the character portrayed by Herbert Lom in the Pink Panther movies,- who had developed an acute nervous twitch as a result of his exposure to the bungling Inspector Clouseau; our hero would be similarly affected and even confined to his own home by some mysterious of avian related phobia.

Unlike previous recent work where I had incorporated or used genuine antiqu…

An Audience With The Hapless (narrative)

Up at the house, I was met by a rather plump woman of Mediterranean appearance who introduced herself as nurse Maria. Closing the door and announcing my arrival into a receiver, she beckoned me to follow her and we proceeded along a corridor, at the end of which was a white door.
As we walked, the nurse informed me that despite my hosts recent hospitalization, due apparently, to a deep rooted nervous condition, his physicians had thought it a good idea that he convalesce in familiar surroundings, on the understanding that he must on no account be subjected to any unnecessary excitement.
I assured the woman that I merely wished to record this momentous occasion for prosperity, and would be leaving every one in peace as soon as I had done so. “Wait here please” she said as we reached the end …