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The Making of An Audience With The Hapless

Concept / The piece was inspired by imagining what might become of the characters we knew as children when we’re all grown up and they’re no longer in the limelight. I wondered how it would be to find this particular villainous character and his sidekick in a domestic setting. How did he find himself there? Or what had caused him to retire from ‘public life’ ? -So to spe…
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An Audience With The Hapless (narrative)

Up at the house, I was met by a rather plump woman of Mediterranean appearance who introduced herself as nurse Maria. Closing the door and announcing my arrival into a receiver, she beckoned me to follow her and we proceeded along a corridor, at the end of which was a white door. / As we walked, the nurse informed me that despite my hosts recent hospitalization, due apparently, to a deep rooted n…
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