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7 Months to Go Spider webs and lace destruction. / Create the corset that is me. / Half corpse mind set, / and half dolly dress up, / is what keeps me a… If I had but one last touch, / one last graze upon a surface I hold so dear. / Your lips would be my gravity, / pulling me ever closer t… My Breasts Oh and just a question, why did all other women get issued breasts with a feminine gender when mine are boys? They never do what I want the… Salpinges Fallopian tubes birthed paisley. Quilt by Edibl3leper Dessication Theory by Edibl3leper Posthumous Were it not for Daniel Johns, / this house of cards would have toppled. / If Darren Hayes had not held the gaze, / taught me the ways, … Me having fun, needed a new profile pic. (-: by Edibl3leper Tip of the Hat by Edibl3leper When a Secret is not a secret. by Edibl3leper Taste by Edibl3leper Touch by Edibl3leper Hear by Edibl3leper Sight by Edibl3leper Smell by Edibl3leper Beauty by  Comodity by Edibl3leper Promptus Fructus I opened the door quickly, casually, as I always did. My feet finding their way over the threshold without me giving the order. The Petal’philles Chapter VII Inquisitio The clatter of my life as it hit the linoleum floor was deafening. Each drawer pulled from cradled existence and angrily thrust upon the ap… Orange vs Blue Compliments of the strangest hue. / Opposites in every pigment. / Attracted through sheer will, / or sheer disregard for the rule. / Is i… Petals of Lace I reach to touch. / Under arch of my bicep. / Top of my side. / Information processed. / Hands brush lace. / Revulsion evoked. / Texture p… Ezykiel by Edibl3leper Age Appropriate by Edibl3leper Hard-Wyred by Edibl3leper Weed'on't Know Everything by Edibl3leper Flowers Make Mommies Tears Disappear by Edibl3leper Prairie Grass by Edibl3leper Soft by Edibl3leper Succubus by Edibl3leper Bone/Back~Broken/Bent I am fucking finished. / Finished with your excuses, / your bullshit / and your matching and well thought out words… / just luggage&… Featured In by Edibl3leper The Petal’philles Chapter VI Familiaritas before I felt the pain I tasted the blood. My eyes so focused on his watched black irises which darted from my eyes to my lip, Numbers Why do we count in numbers, / something that is elusive and hollow? / Couldn’t we break the mold and sew the stitch, / we chose to … Were I the Emotional Type I’d tell you all about my family. / More often than not I’d be bragging. / Recounting tales of Unga Bunga or Marshmallows, / Wh… Puzzled Petals  by Edibl3leper The Petal’philles Chapter V Tabellae …forced me to lie down so he could sodomize me with a Swiffer Sweeper. The Petal’philles Chapter IV +Diluculo: Mil… “Nothing on the fucking tele then, eh Fuckface?” The Petal’philles Chapter III Satus Her veins which I’m sure trembled in anticipation seemed to become more vibrant in hue. The Petal’philles Chapter II Minuo I dragged her into the bathroom and slammed her head in the door to calm her down. The Petal’philles Chapter I Genesis one prod to the gelatinous heap that was the hefty bag, renewed my confidence in a job not only well executed, but… 7% of My Body Weight Pangs of a signature metallic smell and taste. / Brightens white sheet and puts a smile to my face. / Sustains life and feeds addiction. /… Love From a Leper It manifests, / deep within the vulnerable parts. / And pollutes, / what once was pure. / Think the black plague, / in Europe. / Think Ba… Huh? Whispers of a Day Lily Nature by Edibl3leper The Way Ahead is Clear by Edibl3leper What do you call a tiger with no spots?  Hemerocallis fulva by Edibl3leper Whore'able but Able'whore by Edibl3leper Proclivity by Edibl3leper Deelishess Dish Best Served Red by Edibl3leper Mask of Make-up  by Edibl3leper Aareseth L'agent d'Excès by Edibl3leper Sys-tem by Edibl3leper Dys-funck-chanel #5 by Edibl3leper What trouble hath a lady? by Edibl3leper Angelicus-Even Angels Cry by Edibl3leper Love in Lineage by Edibl3leper The Things Unsavory Girls Miss Out On Behind the optic lens of a death’s head pessimist, lies the macula… retina, door to the optic nerve. The Things Nice Girls Miss Out On (Mature) I Think I May Be Drunk I’m asking her things / I swore I wouldn’t / I’m letting down barrier’s / I knew I never could / I’m enjoyin… Beyond the Mask by Edibl3leper Kempf Hospital by Edibl3leper If I Was An Activity Book I’d be more willing to play your games. / Allow you to connect the dots in any order you please. / I’d be a beautiful spring da… I Due Kry Not tonight / or tomorrow. / Not mixed with the gin, / used to keep away sorrow. / Not ever again, / at least not in front of you. / In day… Ass Chaping Tendency Contained. You know those few / who attempt to sound, / charitable, / witty, / introspective, / enlightened, / giving, / philosophical, / intellig… Falling I’m peeling them back these days / past the cuticle / to the pink shiny flesh beneath / begging them to become something more / then… Subtle Your mouth is hard, / your lips thin and tasteless. / Your hands are small like mine, / your being self-conscious and faceless. / You… novO inventus by Edibl3leper Under Coffee Table 2 Horse Stable by Edibl3leper Iron Blanket Felt you in my fingertips, / saw through your facade. / In a time so disconcerting, / that normalcy was odd. / If tears were blood, / IR… Level Garden I’d call her enigmatically inclined, / but I think she’s merely jaded. / Distorted by what if’s shadow, / her edges fraye… Bide You have to break a vow, / or break a heart to be immortalized. / I’d have to fall apart or be lead astray, / to ever become moralize… Side Swiped Blinded by phantoms, / and delayed by deliverence. / Caught in my catchphrases, / and lost between indifference, / and jealousy. / I pray y… Spark The littlelist of things spark it, / while insecurity fuels it. / Becareful with me, / for if given the chance I’ll use it. / At firs… Oh So Bent backwards past refrain. / Told strictly to remain,… / quiet, oh so quiet. / Shamed more then once or twice. / Given such bad adv… View of a Bird Bath in 2099 by Edibl3leper Big Trouble Little China by Edibl3leper If it doesn’t bleed, it does not feel. I cross my heart the way my legs never are, and hope to die. / I promise fate in sweet whiskey soaked whispers. / I fall face first into co… Self Love by Edibl3leper Puppy Dreams by Edibl3leper Crymsyn Alyke S@nguin by Edibl3leper Braille on the Inside Plastic Placement, Knives Turned Clockwise / Legs trapped in gelatin, / in an OH so plastic sanctuary / A place where I thought you’… Feeding Off You Strapping legs, / or strapping them down. / Hands tied over head, / smiles on hidden faces. / Expectant eyes behind veiled devices. / …
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