An Emerging artist from South Africa/ Malaysia/ Australia/ London. Am keen to explore options on bunisess ventures so please contact me anytime. Photography is in suport of my fine art practise.

I am inspired by people and nature, and working as a full time artist, exhibiting in London and Australia.

Please feel free to have a look at my website as well. Enjoy

  • Age: 39
  • Joined: February 2011


Packing again

We are leaving London, to travel through Europe. I’m not sad, but I’m also not happy, a blunt feeling. I have been longing for more of God, and I didnt find it here in London. It’s my own doing, being occupied with ‘things’. / I feel sucked dry with all the art I have been doing. Almost empty, not bad, but also not good. Perhaps I just need to stop for a few days, pr…
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6 March 2011 London

Our time here in London has been very enriching. My African background is frustrating me as the allowance for personal space, is much different here. There is no space, and not much time either. People rush, run, push and press. Life will be over soon, or that’s the impression one gets! Space ends right infront of you everywhere, obstacles, structures, people. / My art has been a method of …
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