Erin Hause

Erin Hause

Pottstown, United States

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I started taking pictures at a young age, and though I fully admit that I’m no Pro, my passion for getting images of the life around me is as consuming as that of any Pro could be. As I continue to learn about my camera , and about image post processing/manipulation I am hoping that the knowledge will spark an even deeper love for capturing the world around me. Get the picture? :)

As for the personal stuff:
I’m an infomercial junkie with an Internet obsession . I think Old Navy is a swell place to shop . I can sing “Old McDonald” in double-B language. Crayons are awesome. Legos rock my face off . I’m Living Room Superstar and a Karaoke Night regular. I own far too many pairs of chuck taylors. I believe there is NO such thing as a bad shark movie . Tomato soup hates me. I Love Mac N Cheese with Hot dogs cut up and mixed in. I must , at all times , smell like a girl . I have questionable taste in music. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE hot wings. I think Alton Brown is an Einstein caliber genius. I wanna be a MYTHBUSTER. I love the smell of garlic as it hits the waiting pan. I believe that laughing, especially at ones self, is ESSENTIAL. I am both outspoken and soft-spoken .I sing while I drive, shop , and vacuum. I light candles when it rains . I sleep with very tips of my toes poking out of the blankets. I DON’T think you’re ready for this jelly. If you’re lost you can look and you will find me…time after time.

It’s so nice to meet you!

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