Hi my name is Ebony Avalos and I am jase8812 and dairygirl08’s daughter, i am a tomboy,love the country I like cars, art, music and taking photos.’
I really enjoy getting on rb with mum and dad and checking out every ones work and Ihope you all like mine all though I am just a learner . photography is my favourite thing to do in my spare time if im not drawing . :)

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Great news for me

my photo she is one of the boys is being used for advertising for an insurance company, I am so very happy about it and very proud of my self the man spoke to my mum and me about it and I now have my photo used for important things. / Thank you to you all for your support and encouragement :)
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my poem about family

FAMILY / Family loved but then sadly lost / Always was there for you and me / Memories are made to be treasured / illness making you go when we want you to stay / Loved ones are lost on this very day / Yet to hope we all survive a nother day / and live life while we can. / by ebonyjane
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