Hey Lovlies,

I am a busy college student, working on a major in Landscape Architecture. If you want a definition on what that is please message me!
I love Sci-Fi and not ashamed of it. My other fave genres are Cop Shows, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Disney Movies, and Comedies.
My some of my fave shows, movies and books are: Dr. Who, Psych, Bones, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, Red Dwarf, Harry Potter, Merlin, Vikings and Firefly.
Most of my time is spent outside, hiking, swimming, stargazing or sketching. When I get some free time I binge on my favorite shows, go running, or have fun with friends.
I love travelling and have my count at 6 countries so far with 3 trips to Europe and a study abroad in Costa Rica. I plan on living in the mountains with lots of beautiful trees and water.

Enjoy my page, hope to have some new designs soon!

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