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Psykopainted Chaos by EAWilliams #TEAMHinata by EAWilliams Marbled by EAWilliams Psykopainted Digital Art by EAWilliams Strawberries by EAWilliams Animal Print Inspiration by EAWilliams


Campaigning causes confusion / Swelling up with delusions / Keyboard clicking like music / Filtering out all news tricks

My Soul’s Earthly Pilgramage

Dying thousands of deaths as I behold your face / Quickened a thousand and one by your grace

Trust In His Name

As tears flow / The hurt goes / My heart knows / Things won’t be the same

Tear Ripened Clay

I didn’t know why my soul was heavy / I did pray for God to release my levy

A Graduate’s Wish

Honor me with your wisdom / That you have accumulated, / So I can form a safety net / As I soar on the wings of youth

Cause They Believe

Open your arms out wide / The way our Master died


He’s the perfect gentlemen / He only enters when asked in


Allow my love to flow / From your parted lips / Allow your heart to fill / Drink deep – don’t sip


Listen, tears speak in this fashion / “Come Passion” “Come Passion”

She Reflects

Whom can one tell, / Of the pain that now swells, / Entangled in pure joy, / For a soldier’s home-deploy?

Victoriously Redeemed

Though my tears run, / My heart leaps with delight. / Though my flesh mourns, / Her soul has taken flight.

It’s Raining!

Drip drop / On top / Of the roof / Solid proof

Alter Call

Broken pieces collected / Missing pieces detected / Suspected to be rejected

Lord, What Is Your Will?

That you would be in the center of my will, in the center of my will there is Peace. In the center of my will is joy. In the center of my…

Bloody Red Rose

Is it crying while lying limp / Or sighing while trying an attempt / To continue to live

No Doubt, You Are

I would doubt every single thing / Man taught or mother screamed / Before I doubt your existence

When HE Calls

To meet HIM in the clouds / And shout out very loud / HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! as we crowd.

It’s Me…Earth

Your silly self, worried for my health? / Child! You better save yourself! / Talk’ in bout, “Save mother Earth!” / God used a pinch of me …

Without Smack

Greedy needy me / Time to die little spy

Penz And His Pets

“When I go outside, I play with ants.” / “They crawl on my shoes and on my pants.” / “They can go outside but now I can’t.”

HIS Meaning Of Love

Lord, when you say you love me what do you mean?

Be With Me

Here am I; / Bringing a circle that I try / To shake loose from – Lord pry / It from my heart no matter how I cry


Focused and determined she makes her move closer and closer, refusing to move backwards or stand still in this forsaken place.
REDD by EAWilliams Smile by EAWilliams


Love is a noun as well as a verb / Love is not one to kick you to the curb


All that time spent on this tedious task / To appease her curiosity was it for nothing?
In His Sight by EAWilliams Easier Done by EAWilliams His Name 2 by EAWilliams

Sometimes I Wonder Why . . .

Sometimes I wonder why I fell off that scooter / The pavement became a stingy flesh looter / Drunken with laughter children became hooters

I Love My “Foe”

If I am / His foe / Someone he can / Dispose / The root of evil / He suppose

Sunrise – God’s Smile

I awoke this morning and I saw your smile / It spread north to south for miles and miles / Across the horizon – I gazed for a while

Dad Sent Brother To War

My dad held his peace / I thought he would round up / The family and revenge big brother’s. . .

God’s Chastisement

Every morning and night / You say what you want / Then dart out of sight
My painting, By Ikeria by EAWilliams

The Verdict

The plaintiff had images / Fingerprints and witnesses / A guilty plea and logistics / Even blood for emphasis

My Heart, Your Home

Will you help me to embark / And finish what we start

Another Chance

Another chance, another chance / Sweeter then a lover’s dance / God has granted me the opportunity

To Protect

Have you shown gratitude / To our men and women / Or just plain attitude / For money war is spend’in

The True Blue

What’s in you that makes sad-time a blue-time

Your Soul

No time to be lukewarm or fake / They record every move you make


As I ponder in my heart / of my needless waste / Revelation pierce the dark / IT IS NOT TOO LATE

The Heart’s Song

I was stripped, things were taken / My heart ripped, foundation shaken

Lord I Give To You

Heart, mind, soul / Yours to control

Bowed Out

As I call on His might name / Father reforms my broken frame

From A Wretch

Like a rain fed flower in full bloom / My heart’s in your emergency room / Opened wide for only you to groom

Jesus Is Love

Love paused and prayed, even when He was dismayed. / Love paved the way; now let us all obey.


Jesus said I will know you by your fruit, / Not your ballroom dress or your penguin suit.

Rest Throughout The Race

I don’t mean to cry out in your ear, but I need you to listen here . . .

Listen, Look and Learn

The spontaneous repetition of their play comforts my monotonous day and brings a warm smile upon my face.

Tis Balm

Of all the things to hold on to why did I choose hurt and fear? / They clinged to me when I wished to flee and tortured me througth the ye…


Not again, NOT AGAIN! / Open mouth – out comes wind. / Heavy trouble I can’t bare. / Eyeballs poking me in glare. / Exit, exit where …

The Deceased

No discrimination, / Just a sniper’s penetration,

Flexing the Big Muscle

It was as if my brain had packed up and stormed out slamming the door behind it leaving an eerie echo to ricochet throughout its vacant cav…

The Prey

She swayed her hips round and round like a hula-hoop in full force. In a rhythmic beat she bumped his sides from time to time as she sensed…

Teach Me Lord

I want to hear you in the birds; / to their songs I want the words. . .


Both are ripping, people dipping, / everybody’s mouths are lipping. . .

Elements At Play

As Rain tap dance on the cement, / Her tempo is kept by Thunder. / When Wind jumps over Tree that’s bent, / The atmosphere is all but…

Elusive Friend

Heart is racing / Rhythm pacing / Temperature rise
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