Does anyone know all the free sites online for photo editing?
I know there is Picasa3, ipiccy, picmonkey, but there is one I am trying to remember…
I can’t remember what it is…it’s also kind of like the ones I mentioned!!!
Anyone know?

Is it just me???

Is it just me, or has this site slowed down???
Seems like less people and less work.
I still am not fond of the change and probably never will be!!!
It seems less friendly now!!!

I'm leaving Redbubble!!!

I have had it with Redbubble…
I need a change and want to move on to other things!!!
I hope someone takes over my groups!!!
It’s been a blast and also…


LOL…can’t get rid of me that easy!!!

Features and Wins for February!!!

Thank you much hosts for featuring my work!!! :o)

1st Place in “A Winter Wonderland” 2-10-2012

1st Place in “Peace and Love” challenge 2-7-2012

Featured in “Alter Ego” 2-10-2012

Featured in “ART UNIVERSE” 2-9-2012

Featured in “Flower Works” 2-10-2012

Featured in “The World As We See It, or as we missed it” 2-3-2012

Featured in “Image Writing” 2-4-2012

Featured in “ART UNIVERSE” 2-5-2012

Featured in “Midwestern United States Photography” 2-2-2012

Featured in “Hometown Photography” 2-1-2012

Featured in “In His Name” 2-10-2012

Featured in “The World As We See It, or as we missed it…Country of the Week…Editor’s Choice” 2-6-2012