Mother Nature is the artist. I just collect the memories…

I’m a wildlife and nature photographer living in the wonderful world known as The Eastern Sierra in California.

My backyard has been the vacation-land of every major nature photographer worldwide since Ansel Adams made his first publicly available prints of Yosemite Valley and Tuolomne Meadows way back when. Obviously this can make it a touch difficult to find new and interesting subject matter in the landscapes around me. But this area is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and there is no such thing as a bland landscape. They don’t call it the Range of Light for no reason…

Most of my photography centers around landscapes, wildlife, and macro shots of natural things like insects and flowers. My absolute favorite subject to photograph is snakes, with a special fondness for rattlesnakes. I love these animals and every snap of the shutter in their presence is a special moment.

So come on in and take a look around! Like most photographers…not all of my photos are available for sale. But most of them can be found on my personal Photo Blog called Interrupted Thought Process. There you will find the stories that go along with the photos.

Thanks for taking the time to look around!

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Photoshop CS2 Duotone Tutorial

I just recently discovered duotoning. It’s a fantastic way to add just a little “pop” to what might be an average monotone image. So here is a simple step-by-step. Now here’s fair warning…I’m behind the times. I use Photoshop CS2, so this tutorial may not be 100% accurate on newer or older versions of Photoshop. This is the only version of Photoshop I have…
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Group f/64 Faithful

Hellow everyone out there in RedBubble Land!! / I’m looking to start a new group. I would LOVE to have a group dedicated to preserving and honoring the ideals and aesthetics of the famous Group f/64. This would mean a group accepting works that are long on focus and depth of field, and short on heavy-duty processing. / Ideally, we would have a gallery filled with macros, landscapes, portr…
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North American Field Herping Group

OK…so there is a Reptiles Group, and a Venomous Snakes of the World Group, and I am a member of both of them. But search as I might, I cannot find a group dedicated to Field Herping or wild reptiles and amphibians in North America. / This is a passion of mine. I spend countless hours cruising backroads looking for reptiles, and an equal number of hours hiking the meadows, woods, and deser…
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