I see inspiration in everything around me. Art can send me to a different place and time.
I’m obsessed with painting. I consider myself a beginner as I ’ve never had any lessons…….one day. Soo much to learn……..the challenge of painting flowers , my love of abstracts and use of colour is growing. I love Celtic art and the historic, mystical and mathematical aspects to it. I have studied at length “The Book Of Kells” as this is where my ancestry lies.

I’ve always loved photography and I want to learn more. I would like to learn digital art. I admire the skill and patience in waiting for the right moment, especially the fleeting ones with children and animals and capturing the emotions around me.

I am exploring mixed media and textile art.

Redbubble is a great site, inspirational, it brings so many talented people to me. I find if I’m feeling down or blocked looking at redbubble excites and inspires me.
I learn so much from the other members and appreciate the support and encouragement from people and groups. I also learn about the world from the many images and information from members from around the globe.
Thank you redbubble.

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Camberwell Art Show ) Celtic Heavens

I’m so excited Celtic Heavens has been accepted into the Camberwell Art Show. Wow this is really something for me! Speechless!
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