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Photographer, Musician, Lover of the great outdoors. I am a Green Thinker and am trying my best to be a Green Doer %100 of the time.

I enjoy honest, interesting people that I can learn from and share with. People that aren’t rushed and can stop and ‘smell the roses’

I love technical gadgets, but not the way that technology has made us lazy and dependent on how ‘things’ tell us what to do and when to do it. We have created a Monster, and we need to control it.

I believe that creative expression in any given format is the best way to keep ourselves ‘flowing’ and stress free. A Credo of mine that I have developed from personal experience is ‘Music is the Magical Medicine, Don’t Loose the Beat’

  • Joined: December 2007


Warm and Friendly reception

Today is only my second day as a member here, and I am overwehlmed with how friendly and positive people have been to myself and my work. It is a very good feeling. / ……………..Eagleye
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getting back in the game

OK here I go again. After getting discouraged about selling my work due to the digital world making anyone that buys a camera and has a computer a PRO, I need to regroup and get my stuff back out there. / I spent 30 plus years honing my craft and making fair money with my camera and I need to put aside the fact that people with absoutly no experience what so ever are making money with their photo…
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