Thomas! Thomas! Come downstairs!

“Thomas! Thomas! Come downstairs! Your father and I have something
to discuss with you!”

Thomas sat on his bed cross-legged, staring at the glistening surface
of the scissors. See how they shine and gleam in the light? See how they
sparkle? Thomas inserted one scissor into each of his nostrils. Hehe! They
tickle! And the blade is so cold! Well, nevermind about that. Thomas pushed
the scissors up into his nose. He felt something pop and felt the warm blood
start to drip, then gush, from his nose. He pushed up some more, but the
septum dividing his nostrils got in the way. Impatiently, he closed the
scissors, cutting it apart, then pushed up some more. The scissors started to
slip because of the blood covering them, but he still pushed them up. He felt
them stop against something hard. Hmm… must be a bone. He slammed the
scissors against it a few times, then pulled it out of his nose and smashed
them up with all his might. He felt the bone crack and give way right before
he felt a sharp pain in his head, then a peculiar tingling feeling spreading
throughout his body. He let go of the scissors and they dropped from his nose,
which was now nearly obliterated from his face. There was a spreading red mark
where his nose used to be. He felt no pain now, he felt very light, like a
feather. He felt himself floating… he wasn’t aware of the blood pouring from
his face, or of the small trickle of blood starting to come from his ears
either. He just felt the immense ecstasy of floating on nothing, of peace and
warmth and light, all mixed into one. He rolled around on the air he was
floating on and a sharp knock on his head brought him back to reality. He
wasn’t floating, he was on his bed, and he had just fallen off. He staggered
to his feet, wondering what had happened. His head hurt, but his nose was
killing him, so he walked to the mirror, and looked into it. He stared at
himself, and screamed.

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Thomas! Thomas! Come downstairs! by 


  • Leda D
    Leda Dover 5 years ago

    wow, i think the whole time i was reading that i had my hand up covering my nose incase it fell off, hehe it was very discriptive i could just imagine doing it myself. not that i would argh!

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