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I am an amature photographer and like all amature photographers have big dreams of one day getting noticed
and just maybe being given the opportunity
to change the direction of their lives!
Well this is my attempt to try and get noticed! to see if I am any good, or am I just dreaming?


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Its been a while

Sorry about my lack of activity on here recently, / I have been very busy training and fundraising, / I have managed to get a new camers, my fantastic father-in-law gave me a canon 60d / so hopefully ill be able to get out and get some good shots soon
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A desperate call for help!

After seeing countless friends affected by cancer / have decided to do something positive about it, on the 27 and 28th of October, My old friend Rebecca Wolske and I will be teaming up and taking part in “The Ride to Conquer Cancer®” benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, its a 200km+ bike ride, in order to attend we need to raise at least $2500 in donations each for The P…
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A good start to the day

woke up this morning to discover i have made my second sale.. / Linked Text / so from this struggling artist.. thank you now i can eat for another week :-)
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Nearly Christmas

Is everyone ready for Christmas? / got all your shopping done? / ready for all the family gatherings? / Me I’m not.. to tell the truth, its not my favourite time of the year. / too commercial, family members sat around a table with fake smiles on there faces, pretending to like each other, then they will go on not talking for another year.. / the real meaning of giving and being kind to fel…
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