Mark Bolen

Mark Bolen

Michigan, United States

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Weekend Pro for now. I do the weekday 8 to 6 in the corporate world. I work hard during the week, so when the weekend comes….

I love to release my stress by getting out of the house, finding new angles, and subjects willing to let me take their pictures. Can you guess I have camera hating teen boys and a camera shy wife. I Love them all though.

I take Sr’s., portrait, events, weddings, and more on the weekend and have been to many photography training classes by many associations near me. When shooting professionally, I go by the business name DigiSharp Photography ( I also take many pictures for the local newspaper “Tri-County Times”.
Once retirement hits, I hope to suppliment my income with photography.

Oh, by the way, I’m a Nikon guy!!!!! D300, D700 backup my D810. I lost track of how many times my photography has been featured, but it must be around 70 times since I joined.


Mark Bolen

  • Joined: February 2008