I’m a full time graphic and web designer with a passion for photography, design and illustration. Working in London, I use every opportunity to capture the mundane, bizarre and beautiful from unusual perspectives.

Below are a few examples of framed work, please feel free to comment and browse. Cheers

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The subjective nature of things

Just a thought. I have decided to try and let people decide for themselves whether they like my stuff or not. In the past I have thrown away so many photos, illustrations, doodles, songs, poems, due to a lack of confidence in the final third. As the artist, it’s my role to produce this stuff, as the viewer, it is their role to decide whether they like it or not.
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Abstract stuff

Might try my hand at some abstract stuff. / Seaweed
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There really is a lot of work out there

So I’ve been a member of redbubble for about a week now, and it’s been quite an eye opening in some ways. Firstly, it’s so inspiring to see how many people out there are making their own artworks. In a world that seems increasingly obsessed with digital entertainment and television, it’s heart warming to know that people still engage so passionately with the visual arts. /…
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My little boy, Dylan, who is nearly 10 weeks old is having his first inoculations today. Poor little scrap. Not looking forward to it much to be honest. Maybe he won;t mind, and I’m going to see if I can turn it into some sort of a game for him.
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