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hot nights

Hot Night

©Michelle Whelan 11/06/07

A February hot night;
2am at night;
Its 27 degrees outside.
Audrey lying on her bed, dress in just a singlet top and underwear. The room was lit up by the moon light outside and the window slightly open with a small breeze blowing. She slept uncomfortably, with her cat sleeping next to her.


Audrey suddenly woke up! The banging happens again, BANG, BANG, BANG! She gets up and starts walking to the front door. The banging continues. She looks in the peep hole to see a man standing at her front door, Audrey opens the door, and the man bursts in.

“Hide me!” he said scared.
Audrey closed the door, “Hank, it’s 2 in the morning, what are you doing here?”

Hank nervously looked around the apartment, and continues to say “hide me”. Audrey grab hank.

“Clam down. Who’s after you?”

Hank sat down on the couch, while Audrey went and got him a beer. Hank explain “my wife is after me”
Audrey looks at hank in a strange way, “your wife, hank you’re not married”
Hank continues his story “she caught me, cheating on her, but the fact is I wasn’t, she just tripped and fell on me!”

Audrey sat next to hank, she was getting confused “who are you talking about?”

Hank continue the story, “ we got into an argument with each other, and the next thing I new, I was stabbing her, and there she was lying on the kitchen floor dead……” hank started to cry.

Audrey notices his blood stain hands. “Do you realize I have to arrest you now?”
Hank quick jump up off the couch, “NO, it’s you fault that she dead!” he quickly ran to the window, “oh no, oh no….. The boss is here, hide me Audrey, please!” he grabs Audrey with his blood stain hands, Audrey starts to get scared “hank, let me go!” she tried to get him off her, then BANG, BANG, BANG! Both hank and Audrey stared at the door, BANG, BANG, BANG! Hank got scared, Audrey finally got away from hank to open the front door. There were two FBI standing at the door.
“Agent Stanley, where is Hank?” one of the agents asked. Audrey turns to show them hank, but he disappeared. Audrey was puzzled, “he was right here, where did he go?”
Both agents stood in the door way, the other agents starts to Audrey “Audrey, if you wake up then you be able to find him!”
Audrey turn around and look at the agent, “what, what are you talking about?”
The other agent agree with his partner, “she right, just wake up, and you will find hank”
Audrey walk over to them puzzled, the female agent, lift her arm and slap Audrey on the face, which woke her up suddenly!

She sat up in bed in shock, she was breathing heavy until she clam herself down, she looked at the time; it was 2am.

“It 2 in the morning, is that all!” she turn and patted her cat, “it’s just a dream and that’s all!” she got up out of her bed.

She washes her face in the bathroom. She stared at herself in the mirror. “It’s a dream!” as she said this, she could smell smoke, cigarette smoke. She walks out of her bathroom, and follows the smell. She stood in doorway of the lounge, she look down to see a woman sitting on the couch, smoking a cigarette. She was pale and covered in blood. The woman looked up at Audrey “well, if it isn’t the slut herself!”
Audrey look puzzled at the woman, “who are you?”
The woman blew the smoke out of her mouth, “so now you want to know, I’m the wife!”
Audrey still look puzzled at this woman. The woman got up and walked over to Audrey, “if you use baking soda on your couch, it would get the blood out.” Audrey notice the blood stain couch, “what do you want from me?”
The woman walks over to the fridge and opens a beer, “I am here to make you life hell, you kill me and you are going to pay for it”
“But I did kill you!” Audrey continued to be puzzle about the whole thing. The woman walks back to the couch and opens the beer.
“Go on pinch yourself, see if it hurts?” the dead woman said with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Audrey pinches herself and it hurt a little. The dead woman laugh at her, “see!”
Audrey sat next to her in shock, “I guess I should know your name!”
The dead woman puts her cigarette out on her hand, “its Sam. And I meet him at a night club. He was sweet and loving and two weeks age he became with drawn and didn’t want to talk anymore. I started questioning him but I couldn’t get any answers from him….” She looked over at Audrey, “hey bitch, are you listening to me.”
Audrey looks at her while the dead woman walked around the apartments.
“So, what do I need to do to get rid of you?”
The dead woman laughs at Audrey; “as if I am going to tell you that answer, you never guess at all” she still continues to laugh.
Audrey thought for a bit, and then turns to the woman, “what if I woke up?”
The dead woman laughs, “You can’t get rid of me”
Audrey laughs and started to scream out “hey wake up, come wake up!” the dead woman quickly grabs Audrey over the mouth with her dead bloody hands. “NO, you can’t wake up!”
Audrey pulls her off, “and why?”
The dead woman laugh at her, “because if you woke up, I wont enjoy this!” as the dead woman quickly ran and pushes Audrey out of the window, Audrey smashes though the window, falls quickly to the ground and she hits the ground she wakes up.

“Not again!” she looks at the time 6am. She picks up her cat, “just not my night” Audrey gets out of bed and gets ready for work.

Audrey, at work started to make a coffee she bumps in to her partner, Hank.
“Hey Audrey!” he looks at her, she didn’t look very good, “ooo, rough night?” she smiled at him, “you could say that!”
Hank slaps her on the arm, “at least one of us had a great night!”
Audrey sipped her coffee, “so what’s her name?”
Hank smile and took a sip of his coffee, “her name is Sam, and that’s not the only thing that happen, I got married! Isn’t that cool!” hank smiled at her again and walked off.


hot nights

Michelle Whelan

St Kilda, Australia

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