Here you can buy some prints of some work ive made and ill spend your donation wisely :)

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Personal 35mm Sale :) !

Hey guys, / up until new year I will be posting some new personal 35mm photographs of my friends (almost everyday) that I have been collecting over the years. I have never before sold them but since you have all supported me for a such a long time, I wanted to be grateful and give you the opportunity way before anyone else. / Thanks again for all your support. / Daniyel / x
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Its crazy to log on today and see that redbubble featured lil old me. I’m so grateful for their kind words and everyone that followed me and all the support I have gained from it and its really nice to know that out there across the world you took time to look at my work. / I have decided to update this a lot because I have been slacking so there will be lots of new work going up very short…
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I just want to say i love you all and you are all far too nice to me and I dont understand why, but when I log on and see your happy messages it really makes my day. / that is all.
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