Vanuatu here I come!

The day is fast approaching… bags are nearly packed, diving gear is lined up and waiting and the to-do lists are almost to-done!

Come Saturday, my lady and I will be on the plane to Brissy, then choofing across the Coral Sea to sunny Vanuatu.

It seems like we’ve been planning this trip for years, when in reality it has only been a few months. This will be our first ever diving holiday (apart from the odd weekend away), and that’s pretty much all we intend to do… dive dive dive!!! I can’t wait to get into some warm, clear, calm water and see what the tropical underwater world has to offer. All these tales I keep hearing about 30-40m viz and swarming schools of fish are all still tales to me until I get to experience it first hand.

We’ve got a week of reef dives to start off with, then a few more days diving the SS President Coolidge – and from what people keep telling me, we’re in for some fantastic times! I really can’t wait! After reading some of the brochures again last night, I just wanted to get on that plane and get into the water! Also, the temperature over there is 27C (and 26C at night)… compare that to the frosty cold morning we’ve been having here lately!

The cameras are packed, charged and ready to go, so watch out for a barrage of photos in the coming weeks! I’m under instructions to take as many photos as I can.. and I always love a challenge!

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