A photographer from Toronto, Canada, who does a lot of travelling and a lot of street photography but dabbles in everything. Light fascinates me, and i’m trying to improve on my black and white photography.

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So me and Kiera are seperating our pages-her work can now be found at: / http://www.redbubble.com/people/kiernivore / I STRONGLY reccomend you go look at her work and follow it and it’s good go enjoy it / Big restructuring of my page is soon to happen along with a ton of uploads of work!
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Schedule For Posting

Does “whenever I can” count as a schedule? / Editing this because it’s so outdated it hurts and the old schedule was cringeworthy as it was.
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Hiatus is over!

After a long period of I-don’t-have-a-camera-and-nobody-will-lend-me-one, I’ve spent the past month or so taking photos all over and getting a nice collection together, so expect uploads much more regularly and consistently in the future! Well, at least from this half, not too sure about the other but she’s been busy travelling the world and having grand adventures so she’…
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For Reference

Just Shane here, i’d like to say for the record none of my photos are edited-i’m capable, but I prefer to leave my photos unedited for personal reasons. So, whenever you see a photo of mine, know it’s exactly how I shot it!
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