My work has been stolen (Part 2)

We bought the t-shirt from Forever 21 on which my design had been printed on.


  • jemimalovesbigted
    jemimalovesbigtedalmost 5 years ago

    did you contact them? are they going to pay you for your design?

  • D.U.R.A .
    D.U.R.A .almost 5 years ago

    We have consulted our lawyer we are going to send a warning letter to them to stop from selling the t-shirt or if they have copied more.

  • Lars
    Larsalmost 5 years ago

    Thats a good looking tee (credit goes to you for that though!!!)

    they better stop selling, its just criminal!

  • F. Magdalene Austin
    F. Magdalene A...almost 5 years ago

    They made your work look horrible. That in itself is criminal. The quality looks pathetic. That is so sad!!!

  • Tiffany Atkin
    Tiffany Atkinalmost 5 years ago

    i cannot believe this is happening….big companies (ie smiggle, forever 21) are being caught up in these major MAJOR copyright infringements. and in their defence, they can’t always be held accountable for what their supply designers are bringing them but they need to step up and take action now to ensure credit is given where credit is due. like mikoto with smiggle, they did the right thing and compensated him for his work. in that case, a designer smiggle had commissioned was the culprit but smiggle acted correctly when they were alerted of the infringement. let’s hope forever 21 follows suit – there is simply no question that this is a DURA design. we can all vouch for that. i would like to think that forever 21 has unwillingly been caught up in this and it is merely a designer they’ve commissioned who has committed this blatant act of theft, however as i said before they really need to now step up, do the right thing and take action against this. good luck dura we’re with you all the way.

  • Alicia Design
    Alicia Designalmost 5 years ago

    Incredible!! I bet they even paid a “designer” for that work, tell us how it ends, please, I’d like to know. Best luck with it!

  • JoanOfArt
    JoanOfArtalmost 5 years ago

    Wow I hope it works it out and you get the credit you deserve. That’s amazing that something like that could happen. Let us know!

  • stephanie allison
    stephanie allisonalmost 5 years ago

    Gosh, that’s crazy!! it’s so obviously your design. I hope it works out for you!! ♥

  • Manana11
    Manana11almost 4 years ago

    do you have any idea where did they get your image? You place it on RB, or somwhere else before ?… It is important to design your future defence strategy