My artwork has been stolen

Hello everyone,
Just a quick reminder. I just discovered yesterday that one of my artwork has been stolen by a very well known fashion company and it has been printed on one of their new t-shirt design. After have been informed by one of my friend who recognized my work, my bf decided to see for himself. He bought the t-shirt and showed to me and to my surprise it was my real artwork which I have been uploaded on Redbubble to sell. I was very frustrated and afraid that at the same time more artworks have been copied. My bf only found out one design has been printed on their t-shirt but wasn’t able to get hold of the Store Manager today.

I’m really hoping this nightmare would end as it will jeopardize our business at the new shop. We are trying to bring this case to the lawyer and seek their advice on this matter. I would like to advice the rest of you to always be careful. Since this could get serious, I decided to take down all my work from Redbubble as well as other online webshop to avoid more trouble as soon as the case closed.



  • Tiffany Atkin
    Tiffany Atkinover 4 years ago

    oh no dura – that’s every artist’s nightmare. so many cases of this lately, it’s very sad and frustrating. which of your designs did you see? you should take a photo and upload it here – name and shame the company. mikoto had an incident where his work was stolen recently. seems it is happening often. it’s such a shame you will take all your work down :( but i understand. keep positive. ♥

  • F. Magdalene Austin
    F. Magdalene A...over 4 years ago

    What a personal violation. I know it hurts. Oh man do I know it hurts. A poem of mine was snatched and printed in a magazine with someone elses name as the originator. I was furious. What a violation!!!!! I am so sorry.

  • PBWright
    PBWrightover 4 years ago

    Have anyone used I’ve seen a few of the photographers are using it to copyright their work, even though, when you take a photograph it is understood to be yours (at least in the US).

  • Jo O'Brien
    Jo O'Brienover 4 years ago

    That’s horrible news. I follow the blog you thought we wouldn’t notice and it constantly shits me how big companies seem to feel okay ripping off independent artists.

  • Philip Johnson
    Philip Johnsonover 4 years ago

    if you can prove it is yours there is a lot of money to be made out of copyright violation.

    First step would be to advise them of infringement of copyright , second step would be to seek legal representation

  • Tiffany Atkin
    Tiffany Atkinover 4 years ago

    agree with phillip….and i think we can all agree there is absolutely no question here: