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Appealing art

When did you last look through your RB favourites? If you’re like me, it’s just an occasional thing, which is a pity, because you/I favourited them for a reason! I’ve just gone through looking for inspiration for Mr Baxter’s latest request, and was reminded of how wonderful some of those images are (it might be writing, or t-shirts as well).

Now, here’s a thought: recently, I’ve been contributing to the Phoenix-Appeal account, in the hope that some of my work can help raise funds for people who lost everything in the recent floods in Queensland (I’m happy to say a couple of shirts have been sold already). What if… each of us were to go through our favourites list, and pick out one item (or several), then BM the artist(s) in question, inviting them to donate the work to Phoenix-Appeal? There might be refusals, but if some really good works find their way into the account, we could boost the appeal’s coffers even more.

I’m going to make up a short list…

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