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Hello fellow redbubblers

It’s less than a week since I found this wonderful site, and I’m addicted already. The range and quality of work shown here is nothing short of amazing. It’s nice to have an outlet for some of the images I’ve been creating over the years. Some of them have found their way, via a photographic enlarger, on to 16×20 gelatine prints, while others have existed only in digital form on the hard drive (backed up in at least one other location, of course).

I have lately been wrestling with the question of validity of digital works as art; the issue of easy reproducibility, not to mention the relative ease of creation, troubled me. How can I create something on a computer – it might take me only a few minutes – sit it alongside a painting or sculpture that has taken many, many hours of painstaking effort to complete, and compare them as equals? I’m coming to realise that it’s a non-question, arising partly out of my own inability to see myself as an artist, and my perception of what constitutes serious art.

Arguably, redbubble appeared on my radar at the right time, just as I have been resolving that question, thus enabling me to upload my work with aplomb, and create new work without any mental baggage.

Some of what I’m uploading is the result of playing around with conventional images in Paint Shop Pro (it’s what I ‘grew up’ with, and is significantly more economical than Photoshop) – I’m calling it ‘photomangling’ – and as such, is not work that has been created with a specific end product or effect in mind. In my photographic career, I was always urged to visualize the finished image before putting eye to camera – something I used to find difficult at times. Now, such visualization is virtually impossible; the results are very much serendipitous, and I will discard many more than I finally save. At times, the process is something like looking in a dictionary: I go in one general direction, then find 2 or more interesting possibilities to distract me, and sometimes end up much later going back to the original target (if I don’t forget it completely!).

I look forward too see how redbubble develops, and where it leads me. Meanwhile, it’s a lot of satisfying fun.

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