I approach photography with an open mind: everything is fair game, including: landscape, astronomy, close-ups of nature (or the not-so-natural), shadow patterns. I look for pattern, texture, strong and simple compositions.

I also write a little.

Friendly reminder: all works here are protected by copyright. If you wish to use any image, please ask me first :)


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My other other RB portfolio

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Have you lost a camera, or had one stolen?

I’ve been there, when my beloved first Canon EF was left behind in a car park many years ago. Unfortunately, there was little that could be done, except report it and hope for the best. These days, with a digital camera, there is another possibility: stolencamerafinder. / This is a free service (at the base level) for anyone who has lost a camera – or found one – and wants to do…
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The Book is here

My Blurb book arrived today (ordered 2 weeks ago). Overall, I’m pretty happy with it, but a few points for anyone else thinking of making one: / * the tones are a bit darker than expected, like dropping the gamma somewhat. However, you’d only know it by comparing with the originals. In fairness though, I haven’t had my new screen calibrated, as I did the old CRT; however, my imp…
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The book is out

Just published, via Blurb: “From Under a Bushel”. The preview is here. / It’s taken a while for me to get here, to decide I’m finally happy with it – that the text and photo editing is done as well as possible, and all is shipshape. Next: order my copy, and hope it looks fine!
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Resizing small digital images

I carry a small point-and-shoot camera almost everywhere I go; that, and the fact that I do not own a digital camera larger than 5 megapixels, means I have to either be content with small images or find a way to make them bigger without it being (too) obvious. A second limitation present in such cameras is that the images are output in JPEG format, with the inevitable flaws that the compression a…
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