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Wearing the T-shirt The Cows designed by RB artist Sonia Pascual

I enjoy taking photographs, card designing and painting.

I have been drawing & painting since my childhood. I took oil painting classes for 6 years and I love painting landscapes, flowers and all things I imagine.
Now I enjoy using the mouse instead of brushes or pencils to paint digitally, what a fascinating experience! By doing so, I don´t need rubbers, paper or a canvas, just my imagination and a computer, of course.

My camera is part of me, a very good friend.
I am just an amateur photographer who loves taking pictures for pleasure´s sake.

My favourite painter is Salvador Dalí.

Languages: Spanish & English
Everyday Cards

…and more and more creations of my own to enjoy, buy and give away as unforgettable presents.

These are two of my favourite creations:

Peacok’s soul

Bailaora in pink dancing

My little contribution to help our brothers in Japan because in times like this … We are All Japanese .

If you buy this card, the money will be sent to the people of Japan.


Original Calendars in English & Spanish

Handsome BLUE-EYED ACTORS of all time with their AUTOGRAPHS and IMAGES of their most famous MOVIES

Oil paintings, drawings & digital-mouse creations

From one to twelve BUTTERFLIES and WISHES


Images of the secret VALLES PASIEGOS (Cantabria-SP)


If you like Emily Dickinson´s poetry, maybe you would enjoy this video I have made: The Song Sparrow of Amherst

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and also at The Unknowngnome Poems

If you want to know the place where we live in Cantabria, here are two videos with images we have taken:
Valles Pasiegos and Snow in Cantabria

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