When Nature Smiles.....

“…..When Nature Smiles”…..

As our society becomes more advanced we tend to discount the power nature still exerts over our everyday lives.Little things that at one time were a matter of life and death are no more than a mild inconvenience it seems?.If its cold ,we turn up the heat,if we are hungry we go to the supermarket, if we are thirsty we go to the tap for water..It has not always been so easy to tame the ravages of “nature”. There was a time when we had to put more effort into our thoughts about survival…. “When Nature Smiles”……..Do not be so easily fooled by these modern advancements!.. With the floods and the earthquake in Japan so fresh in the memories of so many it gives me pause to consider how much we have really advanced. We are such a arrogant species as to believe we are so strong as to be able to stand up to nature..We build nice big walls to tame the mighty seas,we build nuclear reactors that provide us the life giving power we so desperately need behind these walls against nature.We constantly want to live ever closer to the sea so we build our homes and businesses as close to the heart of nature as we can humanly get….“When Nature Smiles”….With careless disregard for not only history but of the elusive “common sence”, we build and defy the laws of nature. We seem to forget that nature is as nature has always been!. It is the power that that shapes our world with very little regard for human life or property. It can reshape what we think of as normal.. We assume we are stronger,smarter or even wiser than nature ,WE ARE NOT.. We are but grains of sand on a vast beach that stretches to the horizon and into the millennia of time. We (as a species) have learned after thousands of years to co-exist with nature… “When Nature Smiles”….We grow crops in the desert ,we drive impressive vehicles through the snow,we insulate against the cold of the deepest winter ..A wonderful symbiosis…“When Nature Smiles”…We can sit on the beach with SPF40 on and not get burned,we build reservoirs to control floods and we have great resorts in the deepest snow to ski on….“When Nature Smiles” all is good and good is all!…Until Nature has a bad day,a day she does not smile but rather frowns. The wondrous nature of a sublime sunset or a intense shadow of a tree on a snowy field becomes somehow a distant foggy memory in a instant. The earth shifts and the flood comes .The small,infinitesimal structures of man become nothing more than the toys in a giant natural bathtub.Our superior construction techniques are deemed to be quite inferior in a instant of perfect clarity. How arrogant to think we can control nature…. In one instant,in one small area she is able to wreak havoc over man..Millions of men,women and children at dire risk because nature had a little hiccup.A little bit of anger.. …“When Nature Frowns”..We must always respect the superior authority nature has over the natural world.Respect her moods and her ability to control our destinies. She can give us so much in so many ways but she can reclaim that gift in the heartbeat of time. Our society is not so grand when we consider the emotions of nature. We are but pawns.. Our fore-fathers taught us to live in peaceful coexistence with the life giving ability of nature, …“When Nature Smiles”…. We need to respect the moments in time that nature is not smiling,….“When nature Frowns”…Relish in the images we create with our cameras and brushes. Record the beauty and the diversity,the butterfly and the sunset. But don’t forget to record the tears and the anguish!. these powerful images are as important as the Loon on a foggy morning..Don’t forget to record the marvelous reactors sitting in total destruction or the family drowned trying to flee the flood.Don’t forget to record the tears….“When Nature Frowns”…

A excerpt from “The epitaph of an Addicted Photographer”…. by Dennis


Please see the image that prompted these thoughts in the “writing” area of my portfolio. Its posted right next to this piece of my mind..

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When Nature Smiles..... by 

A few thoughts that keep repeating in my head as I travel through the wondrous nature of Zion National Park,Utah,USA


  • Sharon Brown
    Sharon Brownalmost 4 years ago

    So very true Dennis. Nicely written and thought provoking.

  • Thanks for stopping by to read and comment Polly!.. It takes a lot more effort and I appreciate the input so much!… Dennis

    – ducilla

  • WeeZie
    WeeZiealmost 4 years ago

    How very true, We have become arrogant, we all somehow think, it won’t happen to us. But you are so right the devastation in Japan should be a wake-up call to us all. It can all be gone in an instant. Thanks for your very deep and thought provoking writing.

  • Thanks WZ… What you say is so true..We think we are so grand and every so often we really need to see what the real power of nature is…Thanks so much for reading and the fine comments…Dennis

    – ducilla

  • Darlene Lankford Honeycutt
    Darlene Lankfo...almost 4 years ago

    Well said! And very true….my son and I have these conversations on a frequent basis…especially in light of the upcoming planetary alignment on 12/21/2012…but that’s another story. =D

  • Thanks for taking time to read Dee… I appreciate your thoughts and in some small way maybe our regard for nature will grow?.. The planetary alignment will be interesting..And you are right it is another story!…D.

    – ducilla

  • arvyart
    arvyartalmost 4 years ago

    It’s a philosophic wowzer Dennis. So true. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. You deserved a pat on the shoulder. Cheers. :)

  • Thanks for taking the time to read through this Arvy!..It is great to get as much input as I can!.. I have been encouraged to convert my journals into a book?..We will see!..lol.. Again,I appreciate your thoughts..D.

    – ducilla

  • BingoStar
    BingoStaralmost 4 years ago

    WOW…DEE what a great piece of writing and I feel very strongly about the things that you write about and it is such a great Day when nature is smiling and so hard to think that such beauty could be so distructfull in the next breath of time. What a great writer that “Addicted Photographer” is. Hope to be seeing and reading more of your great adventures my friend ..Doc..

  • Thanks Doc… The writing is a real challenge and I am so out of my comfort zone actually sharing it with others. I have kept a journal for years and am only now starting to convert them to the book with images.. A real different adventure for me!..lol..Thanks for your support!! It means a lot…DEE

    – ducilla

  • seeya
    seeyaalmost 4 years ago

    You eloquent words parallel my thoughts . There is much that we do for our comfort, enjoyment, and in the name of survival. Years ago I came across a quote (don’t remember the author) that “man is the only species that has sought it’s own destruction”. We may see the great beauty of this earth, but we don’t listen when it sends us a message via earthquake, natural fire, tsunami, tornado, etc. Perhaps these disasters are our warnings to take better care of this one earth we have to live on. I so enjoy reading your thoughts and seeing your confidence in sharing with others soaring. Sandy

  • Thanks so much Sandy!!!..These things I write are close to my heart and soul..I am in total agreement with your quote.It is with distress I watch as people just don’t seem to learn that nature is the base of our existence ,even if we think we are so marvelous!..lol I am off to the mountains again for a week today so at least this person will respect the beauty .. Thanks so much for your thoughtful support…D.

    – ducilla

  • Brenda Dow
    Brenda Dowalmost 4 years ago

    So thoughtful, Dennis……. your words ring with concern and compassion…..
    I wish………………. you know……………..
    Thank you for sharing with us….. your travel log must be filled with rich words from your heart!!!!

  • Thanks Brenda….. I write for my soul.. I compose for my heart.. This life of mine spent traveling in nature has has a substantial affect on how I view this world ,I believe. It is, at times ,difficult to view a pristine mountain or a delicate flower without thinking about those less fortunate in this life. I sometimes wonder why I have been so lucky while other suffer so…As I begin to consider myself an adult I feel as if I may be able to help others to see my world through my words and images ?Even if it is just one other person I may have made a difference and that is the true meaning of humanity…Thanks for your ……….you know………wonderful words…D.

    – ducilla

  • Loui  Jover
    Loui Joveralmost 4 years ago

    heart felt and apt…..especially now a days

  • Thanks for the visit my talented friend!.. I am glad you stopped by …Dennis

    – ducilla

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