"Gentle on my Mind"...

There are times as I wander through this life of mine that I remember being a child. Doing very similar things with my father so near. I was one of those lucky kids to be raised in the mountains when the rest of the world was searching for the cities. I was born and raised at Lake Tahoe .That was before it was the world class resort it is now.. My father and I would walk down the stream to the point it flowed into the lake and just sit awaiting the sun to do its slow journey toward the mountains of the west. Those memories are a strong guiding light for me now as I view nature and its perfect existence.Is it possible I could have seen this sunset with my father so many years ago? Is this that same moment in time ,replayed for my benefit?..These questions continually course through my synapse as I peer through my view-finder and try to relay the emotion of the moment to the one who is viewing this assortment of colored pixels..

“The Epitaph of a Addicted Photographer”…Dennis


This written word is to accompant my image of the same name..

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A few thoughts to accompany my image called “Gentle on my Mind”…


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  • Murph2010
    Murph2010over 3 years ago

    Let me know when you publish your book. I’ll buy it! (So long as I haven’t already read it all on here, haha!) :)

  • Thanks for taking a look at my writing Kevin!..I appreciate that!..D.

    – ducilla

  • Murph2010
    Murph2010over 3 years ago

    And let me also take this opportunity to restate my complete ENVY for your writing ability. I’ve tried so hard to write (and think) like this, but as everyone knows forced writing is terrible writing. Your writing has a smooth, natural quality about it.

  • LOL..I have a few years on you and the words do come easier now.. Advice?..Keep a journal..I wish I had at your age…D.

    – ducilla

  • ambermay
    ambermayover 3 years ago

    This is beautiful writing Dennis! As beautiful as the photo so deep and colorful and majestic!

  • Thank you very much Amber!!!.. The writing is a leap for me to post!..Your nice words help with that leap…D.

    – ducilla

  • BingoStar
    BingoStarover 3 years ago

    Beautiful Pictures and beautiful words sounds like a good book to me. Great stuff …DEE I`ll come to your book signing :) Doc..

  • LOL..Thanks again Doc!.. I just appreciate the fact you read the words!…DEE

    – ducilla

  • arvyart
    arvyartover 3 years ago

    Hey Dennis. Lucky you. I’m glad you had a wonderful childhood. Beautiful writing and the pictures. Don’t keep any beautiful stuff you have unveiled to us. Good luck Dennis. Good luck. :)

  • Thanks again Arvy!.. I have plenty to post so I am hoping not to bore everyone!…Thanks again for the great support,it really helps..D.

    – ducilla

  • Gordon Taylor
    Gordon Taylorover 3 years ago

    Very touching Dennis!

  • Thanks again Gordon!..Your support is a huge help…Dennis

    – ducilla

  • debsphotos
    debsphotosover 3 years ago

    Theres always a saddness as well as happiness when we can go back and view and feel past times in our lives!!Beautifully written Dennis!*-)

  • Thanks again Deb..Yes,I agree about the sad part but am so encouraged by the happy memories..These words are a effort to show the depth of a fathers involvement to his children..Maybe it helps?…D.

    – ducilla

  • wildago
    wildagoover 3 years ago

    Goosebumps reading this. Your words are as moving as your photographs.

  • Ahhhhh.. You bring a smile to my face my friend!!!.. The writing has always hidden in the dark at the back of the closet and with great support like this I can bring it out a bit..Thanks Wil for your thoughts and support…D.

    – ducilla

  • seeya
    seeyaover 3 years ago

    When we have love, appreciation, beauty in our hearts, especially if it has been shared with us over the years, we seek to bring different elements to it. By photography, painting, writing, whatever method(s) our inner soul cares to share. And that sharing takes us to a another level of expression. Seems to me you are doin’it just mighty fine. Sandy

  • LOL.. The journey is the destination… I think I figured that out as a younger person and am reaping the benefits of the revelation as i gently age. The words are a true expression of me as a person .The images are a outcropping of that and they supply the technical structure to keep the words from becoming to mundane?(perhaps at least)… Thanks again my friend!..D.

    – ducilla

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