URGENT MESSAGE – I need your help Redbubble !!! Click the link(s) below and help me win a great photography contest that I have entered. I need 250 votes by June 30 2013 just to make it to the next round… YIKES!!!

Five winners will be chosen to appear in our next TV commercial which is scheduled to begin airing in September 2013. The commercial will air nationwide throughout the United States and is guaranteed to reach a minimum of 10 million viewers during the month of September. Fine Art America will provide the winners with a month-end summary of all air dates, shows, and viewership numbers.

The commercial will be 30 seconds in length. Each winner will have one of his or her images displayed on TV for five seconds while a voiceover artist explains the Fine Art America business model and the virtues of buying artwork from living artists and photographers.

Each image will fill the entire TV frame and will include the photographer’s headshot, name, and hometown overlaid at the bottom left corner.

You can vote for all three, but you cannot vote multiple times for the same shot;;;