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All, / I have started a NEW business Facebook page to allow you to receive automatic updates of my wildlife photography, and other areas of interest I stumble upon. / Please check it out (below link) and “LIKE” to give it a grand kick-start on its maiden voyage:) / “”
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URGENT MESSAGE – I need your help Redbubble !!! Click the link(s) below and help me win a great photography contest that I have entered. I need 250 votes by June 30 2013 just to make it to the next round… YIKES!!! / Five winners will be chosen to appear in our next TV commercial which is scheduled to begin airing in September 2013. The commercial will air nationwide throughout the United States a…
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Fort Worth Public Art - Chisholm Trail Parkway

A few weeks ago, I had heard about this project to develop a series of large glass mosaic murals in Fort Worth depicting native wildlife and fauna on six huge monuments. They held a local competition for photographers to submit their best wildlife shots and be apart of this awesome project. I decided to give it a go, and what do you know, two of my shots were selected (American Green Tree Frog &…
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My New BLOG page

All, / My apologies for not being on redbubble much these days, but I felt I needed a break from the computer to get back to the basics of simply enjoying nature, wildlife and photography for a while. / I am sure I have some MAJOR catching up to do in viewing some of your amazing shots taken over the course of the last 6 months:) / My time away also gave me a “second wind” in terms o…
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