My experience so far!

Well…. it is almost 2 days since I signed up to this wonderful site. It was a very encouraging experience. I am totally hooked and addicted to this. thanks melinda. I have seen some amazing works in the gallery.
I have to look through my photo collection so that i can post more of them.

I have recently returned from an amazing trip to africa, to Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. I was travelling with fellow redbubbler Melinda Kerr, in fact I was her room mate and all throughout the trip I was covetting (there the word again, mel) her camera and her big lens. I was glad I dont have to carry her pack. I was going with a volunteer group, humanitarian and medical. Actually despite the challanges of the medical work, I was most fascinated by the people, their faces that tells story of hardship, endurance and resilience (I hope I spelt this right!) and most importantly of hope. Which is sometime hard to see when I come across patients in my work here in melbourne. I am glad I have the chance to go there, to see the other side of the world. It makes me humble and grateful. I am sure to squeeze more of these sort of trips in future.

Also I like to introduce you to Wan tin teh, a colleague and friend who is also keen on photography. She recently has her photo published in australian photography ( I am yet to go to newsagent to check it out, but…I will). Please check out her work. She has just signed up as well. I think there was only one but I am sure more is to come.

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