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My Verdict.

Following the many comments of my original picture of “Mother’s Love”, I thought I experiment a little. I dont have the photoshop skill thus Melinda Kerr’s involvment in this (thanks mel!). I did basic changes, cropping, making it black and white and Melinda did the high tech stuff.

Mother’s Love – the original

Mother’s Love 2 – black and white cropped version

Mother’s Love 3 – colour cropped version

Mother and child – Melinda’s Version

the comments have been most interesting and it made me look into these images more. I like one or more aspect of the each versions of this image. I thank you all for your input especially for melinda who had put in lots of effort.

However, after looking at these for the last few days. I have to say, personally my favourite was the original one. What I love about it was that it was unaltered. It was the raw emotion against the bold blue colour. The vibrancy of colourful african dresses makes it feels simple and genuine. The empty wall and the old rag at the back just make the emotion more meaningful. As if to say that nothing is more valuable then this bond between this child and her mother. As if to say that It does not matter that She has nothing of value around her because the most valuable thing she has is in her hands. The softness of this love is more appreciated against the bold colours and the bold pattern of her dress.

It has been a rather educational exercise for me. I think it is interesting to learn about what people likes and dislike and how people interpret an image. So thank you for all your respond. This picture is very special to me.

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