This RedBubble gallery features designs created by Christina Arasmo. These t-shirt designs have funny, interesting, stupid, strange, yoga, mystical, spiritual, deep, profound, compassionate, human rights, psychological, shallow, thoughtful, liberal, progressive messages and/or designs, or none of the above.

This RedBubble rocks like granite and other rocking rocks. Seriously. My designs can be found with CafePress and with Zazzle and now here with the BEST I’ve found so far: RedBubble. With Zazzle (my gallery was transferred from GoodStorm), I have to pester people to choose the fair labor. When it was a GoodStorm shop, that was the only option. With CafePress, there’s only three or four sweat shop free options, and those are the only ones I use. But with RedBubble, there’s nothing but sweat shop free and high quality too! Plus there’s more colors and styles of American Apparel clothing and the system is nice and clean. It makes it easier for everyone if there’s not 50 million choices and a lot of widgets to deal with.

  • Joined: March 2008


RedBubble equals high quality in all respects

I’m here to announce that I received my RedBubble order super fast, less than 2 weeks and it came from quite a distance. The quality is fantastic, as good as silkscreen. I can’t tell the difference between the RB shirt and one that is screened. / The American Apparel (AA) shirts are very soft and comfy and they are not boxy. I also very much appreciate that they made sweat shop free. …
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