Twin Flames

Reality is about the return to balance. Balanced Partners are the people you meet along the way who help you create balance in your life. They are catalysts who allow you to activate your DNA codes. In a time of the evolution of consciousness, balanced partners would be on the same frequency saying and doing things that bring the awakening feeling. As the grid programs of our reality move towards balance and closure, many people will evaluate all aspects of their lives – physical, emotional, and spiritual. New connections will be forged to that end. As you move through your spiritual journey balanced partners will come into your life at the appointed time and place, as you attract them into your life. You generally attract each other by synchronicity, a Jungian concept meaning that there is something that will be shared by both people, after which they can remain close friends or stay for a while and move on as would a teacher. The door is generally open to meet again and share in the future. They remain in our lives for a period of time after learning lessons then can freely move on without a feeling of separation or soul loss. You ‘attract’ each other as you are on the same frequency and have things to share. The synchronicities that develop between you stagger the mind and hence raise the frequencies of both people. The recognition is perceived by both partners and is generally fast and fun – the connection forming quickly. You feel as if you knew this person all your life or possibly in another life. You intuitively know when you meet a twin soul, a more powerful attraction of two souls than soul mates. Since the phenomenon of soul mates has become an overused term, I prefer to describe the process as the meeting of “balanced partners.” This spiritual relationship can involve people who live near you or far away. You may never physically meet. You may talk on the phone or email each other. Your conversations may increase from infrequent to several times in a day as you are both growing in ways that you cannot with anyone else. Events become exciting. Balanced partners can be of any age, sex, religion, from any culture and background, come from different walks of life; the point being they have entered your life to share information and experiences with you that enhance your journey giving you the feeling of moving closer to the spiritual mission that embraces your soul and tugs at your consciousness. Though most of us have experienced spiritual relationships in love, work, family, and with friends, meeting a twin flame takes on a new hue as they are people you generally would not have expected to connect with until you began your spiritual journey. Friends up until this point are people who fit into your lifestyle, but twin souls are guided to your genetic cellular memory, on your journey into awareness. Once you connect, the excitement and shared communication seems unmatched by anyone else around you. Spiritually you enhance each other’s growth. It is as if one of you has half of the information you both seek and the other the balancing half. You can share dreams, travel to other destinations or in each other’s dreams. Sometimes the reality of your life and life partners are in conflict or envious of these intense relationships, but, like a rip tide you are compelled to fulfill your purpose when connecting with these relationships that are meant to be and an essential part of your “healing journey.” Hopefully, your friends, spouses and loved ones will understand the purpose of these relationships and not interfere with your spiritual growth. What destroys relationships is the need to possess the other and jealousy and envy can destroy relationships that are a very important part of your spiritual life. Often your partner is a soul mate and has to allow others to enter your life when the opportunity arises. In other words, the need for communication and the high brought by the connection, is almost like falling in love, which sometimes happens with twin souls and can end well, or destroy the purpose of the union. Balanced partners do not necessarily enter your life for romance, so please do not get caught up in the romantic fantasy, which is rarely the case. Balance is the name of the game. Romance often complicates matters and the reasons for the friendship, which can become lost in the emotional games of both partners. You can have more than one balanced partner at a time as no one has all of your answers. Everyone is on their unique journey and along the way we encounter each other, if only to share information. You can meet more than one partner, and generally do. They can be another aspect of your soul experiencing in the physical at the same time but in another body. They can help you work on your issues as they are there to guide and enhance your experience in a positive way. But if your twin soul is emotionally unstable – you may not be able to balance them – and may have to move on as trying to balance that person creates imbalance for you in areas that were once stable. These intense relationships can also be dangerous due to the intensity of the connection and derail you from moving forward on your journey. Balanced partners are there for growth and fun not to create greater imbalance in your life. The remote journeys and meditations you share can be the most memorable travels of your lifetime – if only in consciousness. These extraordinary relationships are often vehicles that lead one or both partners to other people to enhance their growth. This can create a ‘spider-web effect’ as we are all linked. Don’t allow ego or petty jealousies to stand in your way. Please remember that the function of the Balanced partner is to create balance and understanding for both of you. Make it fun and uncomplicated or it will end and you will miss whatever opportunity for growth your souls have created. Messengers and Messages In the twenty-first century, the messages brought by our souls, come quickly – mainly in dreams and synchronicities that make us aware that we are more than physical beings as we try to figure out the matrix of life that we experience very day. Messengers can come from anywhere, any realm of experience, generally experienced for a ‘moment’, messages received, then the messenger moves on. They be someone you meet, a signpost along the road, something your soul guides you to pay attention to, such as something written on a billboard, the license plate of the car in front of you, something you see in a film, on TV, read in a book, words in a song, a famous saying or quotation, something overheard in conversation by two other people, in a dream sequence or meditation, just about anything, anywhere. Perhaps you have seen or heard a particular message in the past, but now that your frequency of awareness rapidly evolving, the information speaks to you with a different connotation. Messages cannot be received until the listener is paying attention and is on the right frequency. It is most important to recognize these messengers and messages when they appear. If you miss the message, or the messenger, your soul will most likely replay the message in another way until you ‘get it’, so please be sure to check your ‘text messages’ and those that come form other sources. Sometimes, my images paired with writing is cut off and the narrative can only be read in full text. I also put my writings in the writing section when words are cut off. There are many books written on twin souls that you can find on Also for those interested in a fascinating book written by a Psychiatrist and the treatment of his patient Catherine, Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss is a fascinating read. Suspend disbelief if you are skeptical. I was once a skeptic until I experienced the intensity of this phenomenon in two powerful relationships, one that lasted twelve years. Both people are no longer in my life;however, the metaphysical phenomenon challenged my scientific mind and altered my spiritual path and life perspective. A new awareness and portal opened for me and I continue to meet other partners that enhance my life in extraordinary ways. I feel blessed to have known the twin souls in my life and look forward to the powerful synchronistic relationships I will meet now and in the future as destiny plays its hand.

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This narrative describes my experience with extraordinary relationships that are referred to as twin souls, twin flames, soul mates. I describe balanced partners that help us in a time when we as a species must evolve to higher levels of consciousness towards balance to counteract the destruction of our planet and the living souls who inhabit our world. I refer to Jung’s concept of synchonicity and the lessons that can be learned when we are open to recognize the intuitive connections we encounter in soul mate, twin soul or what I refer to as “balance partners.” It is important to recognize when these extraordinary relationships enter your life raising the frequencies of connection guided to your genetic cellular memory on your journey to awareness. There are many books on this subject including past life experiences that you may have experienced or did not recognize when they appeared in your life. if you have not read Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss, I highly recommended that you read this book that will enlighten you as it did the Yale trained Psychiatrist, Brian Weiss and the treatment of his patient, Catherine. I was also skeptical like Dr. Weiss until a new portal opened and I was able to recognize two life altering and spiritual twin flames that entered my life. My relationship with my dog Jesse who I called Mage is the third. The fact that her soul was housed in a dog’s body was less confusing than trusting the synchronicity and powerful frequencies I experienced in my human relationships. You can read about Jesse, my spiritual guide on RB. My photography of her and the narrative is titled Jesse. Dr. Mikey Therapy dog is another enlightening read about the power of intuition that our animal friends possess with their extraordinary intuitive perception.


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  • butchart
    butchartabout 6 years ago

    thank you for this………………..b

  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksabout 6 years ago

    Thank you for appreciating my deepest feelings and personal experiences.

  • shapiro
    shapiroabout 6 years ago

    Julie this is a wonderful account of Jung’s concept of synchronicity and the lessons that can be learnt – if and when we are open to recognise, the intuitive connection we have when we meet a twin soul. You talk with such understanding and passion, I’m so pleased to have read the above and value your insight and understanding! You are really an amazing lady! Thank you for sharing this with us all! Wonderful!Sx

  • suzee
    suzeeabout 6 years ago

    There is a lot of wisdom in your words. I congratulate you in your ability to express what is within the soul.

  • MooseMan
    MooseManabout 6 years ago

    Wow… lots to think about. Through most of it I felt that you were talking directly to me. But then I decided that being on a spiritual journey to find balance isn’t very manly, like, did John Wayne or Rambo ever talk about things like that?! :) Pffffffffffff… :) :)

  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksabout 6 years ago

    Ted, you are so self-centered. Why would I only talk about you? I do love our games, but you need to know I dedicated this piece to you and Thea and “CanDuCreations.”
    I guess you need to read it again, Rambo or is it John Wayne. I think Thea would be attracted to either. The mystery is why did you travel to the Netherlands as Rambo?

  • butchart
    butchartabout 6 years ago

    JULIE…. sorry for the caps…. when you are commenting here unless you click on the reply to this comment by butchart or whomever.. your reply does not register or another words show up in the activity column…. there fore i didnot know you had answered my comment until i came back here today… it is also more than like ly that suzee…mooseman ..and sophie don’t know that you replied to them as well….. you might see a significant change in your dialogue and interactions with fellow bubblers if you learn this simple trick…………… ppeace and light……….b

  • drjones
    drjonesalmost 6 years ago

    Thank you for leadig me to this Julie… I came across Many Lives, Many Masters twice before now in 2 different parts of the world. This is the third time, I think I should get it!

  • Gregory Edwards
    Gregory Edwardsover 3 years ago

    I need this in print to read it my best because so much happens in the process. I can’t wait and will do now!!!!

  • Gregory Edwards
    Gregory Edwardsover 2 years ago

    When every path of least resistance is, is then, time off the hook?

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