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I have written a story about a Royal
Princess titled"The Abducted Princess"
and her beloved Ged is searching
throughout the galaxies to rescue
her before it is to late. Time is ticking
and he has enlisted a group of
the Royal Army to find her somewhere
in time and space. This tiled abstracted
is the last place he landed in his
search for her who he named
“The Twilight Princess.” Her father
is desperate to find her after his wife
died and wants his daughter to
take over the tasks of his Kingdom.
I have created many planets and
have my own solar system and
of course when Ged sends me
a message, I tell him where to go.
This is possible because playing
PRG video games like Zelda, I am
aware of the map of this foreign
landscape and fortunately can
help guide him to his lost
princess. I have not put the
story in sequential order, but I plan
to as a script of a science fiction
novel. I love the myth-poeic society
and as I wrote on one of my pieces,
the imaginative video games like
Final Fantasy are compelling
with sophisticated graphics,
music, and story line. Online gaming
as well as platform video games
are important for children who grew up
on multi-media, like television and
adults don’t understand the tales
of folklore, myths and fantasy due
to their generation’s love of print
media. If parent’s would jump into
the 21st century, the would understand
the importance and self-esteem gained
by mastering the many strategic skills
and mapping capability of virtual
reality. In Los Angeles, the Walt Disney
Concert hall, the new facility of the
L.A. Philharmonic constructed by
the amazing architect, Frank Gehry
played the music paired with the
graphics of Final Fantasy, a series among
others of high culture. Rating games
M for mature compels children to
go to their friends house whose parents
like me do not believe in censorship.
The most frightening video today is
the News. I am the high-tech shrink
and have nine systems of amazing
video games in my office and have
the strategy guides and online
guides to help me work with the
children using the computer with software
like Kid Pix or the imaginative and animated
software like the series of King’s Quest
and may other amazing games. Neo-Geo
is an arcade system, but also is sold
and now the games are much cheaper
on ebay or many stores like “Game
Dude”, Electronic Boutique" and
others. One of the members of
the group I host could not afford
to buy their children, the Wii,
the new nintendo system that
is amazing. Since I have so
many systems and games,
I sent the system and games
to the children so they could
have what they considered
a “miracle” present, not from
Santa Clause, but from me
so their parents could give
it to them on Christmas day.
I love Rock Band and Guitar
Hero that simulates a great
musical system for children
and the software for Nintendo,
Playstation, Xbox, Neo Geo,
Genesis and man more are
amazing. I started playing the
first video game in the early 70’s,
Pong which has helped me treat
the children of today. This is
in a series about popular culture.
View in the large format!!
Nikon D80
Macro Lens


frank gehry, multi media, rpg, video games


  • artsmitten
    artsmittenalmost 4 years ago

    gorgeous ….i can see some flower petals too ..are they present in real also …? :) or the texture itself

  • Leila A. Fortier
    Leila A. Fortieralmost 4 years ago

    This is a very interesting issue you present with this piece…you actually made me look at gaming in a whole new way. I have been concerned about my son losing creativity by being sucked into these, but only recently caved in on World of Warcraft. You have shed a whole new light on this for me while showcasing your beautiful work, that does indeed, look like a land from one of these fantasy games:) Namaste~

  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksalmost 4 years ago

    I appreciate your wonderful comment. The flower
petals are real placed by me at the top of our property.
I don’t always arrange the petals, but I thought it would
be more interesting to place them to add dimension
to this abstract. I started using bark, plants, water etc.
to create abstracts from nature in my series “every tree
tells a story” or hides a story. I view my photographs or
photo-art from many angles and my intention is like
a Rorschach, every turn gives the viewer another angle
to project what he or she perceives. Thanks for
    your encouraging comment!!

  • Julie Marks
    Julie Marksalmost 4 years ago

    I am going to write more about the amazing value of video game.
    Television is passive and as I said for another generation raised
    on print media, most parents don’t understand the importance
    of rpgs like Warcraft and many other online gaming and
    platform games, especially simultaneous games where you
    work with a friend to defeat the “monster.” I am interested
    in popular culture and have written professional papers
    and a chapter in the book “Becoming Female.” The
    world for children has changed and most parents
    do not understand how important and difficult it
    is to navigate the many games that tell stories of
    folklore, ancient cities and amazing music. Since
    I began in the 70’s playing the games, I have trained
    my mind to play video and online games including
    fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons. Kids
    win money and esteem when using strategy
    to beat the “enemy bosses.” They understand
    that it is fantasy, not real life and now passing
    the levels has become more important for many
    than winning trophies for sports. I am glad that
    you understand that your son is not losing creativity,
    but gaining it and reinforcing his or her active
    imagination. The games are simply fascinating!!

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