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Rebirth of Instant POLAROID - The Joy and Fun is Back!

Who doesn’t love the classic instant snap and develop innovations of Polaroid cameras and films? I think anyone who has ever had an early inkling for capturing images made with a fun and affordable camera has very fond memories of Polaroid cameras. They are truly unique.

Well, as many folks know, Polaroid officially stopped making its instant film sometime back in 2007. It was a disappointing end to over 60 years of fun-filled captured memories ranging from family vacations, new births, joyful birthdays, Christmas celebrations, plus so much more. There may never be anything like it again.

Back in 2008, I re-published an article on my Scribd page, written by Geoff Dyer, which re-capped a bit of history from one of modern technology’s best breakthroughs, that impacted millions …

MODFA Fine Art Exhibition: November 10-28th, 2011

The “MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ART (MODFA)”: http://museumofdigitalfineart.com/artists/ – is once again proud to present their latest fine art exhibition. The new exhibition runs from November 10th through to November 28th, 2011. See amazing works of art from 7 outstanding international artists, who creates one-of-a-kind pieces, utilizing the new Digital medium, plus a wide mixed-media blend of additional tools. Outstanding and popular RB artist and friend LINAJI — has joined us for this latest exhibition. She is exhibiting one of her latest creations entitled ONe Art Cell .

The MODFA, now its 3rd successful year, promotes Digital Artists and Photographers globally, as well as offering art lovers and industry brokers the opportunity to get up-close to p…


Art For All Canada (AFAC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise,
run by artists, to help visual artists develop, show and sell their work commission-free. Their web site is at: www.artforallcanada.org

The AFCA is a wonderful organization with whom I’ve had privilege contact with for a number of years now. Recently they sent me an email announcing an urgent CALL for artist and lecturers to participate in their upcoming 2012 event in Toronto, Canada. So, I like to extend the offer to all Canadian Artists and Photographers who are looking to be involved with a prestigious organization at the forefront of Art across Canada.


Please read they following and visit the AFAC website for complete details:

Reminder Call for Conference Speakers:
Our plans are under way to help v…


Well, here we go again…the MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ART (MODFA) has once again leaped-off to a fast start for the new month of November! Our newest exhibition starts tomorrow, with a stellar line-up of pro and emerging artists/image-makers. Thanks to our 10 participating photographers taking part in our online museum project.

And, now, a HUGE congrats to two of our past participants (they are RB members too), who has continued their spectacular pace of exhibiting work on a global scale. And yes, they have been rewarded handsomely for their efforts. One of their creative images has recently been sold for £5,000 (that’s Pounds – which is about $10,000) at auction in Europe !!!

Well, I knew when they presented their portfolios to me a few months ago for our July exhibition (t…

Call to Artists and Photographers - Get Published in an International Art Directory

A friend, Mila Ryk, who is the Publisher and Director at Art & Beyond Studio, is seeking interested artists and photographers who are looking to take their career to another level by exposing their work in a professional directory to an international audience of buyers, galleries, museums, and other major decision makers. Please read the following, visit the websites for further details, and decide if it fits your future aspirations in building a solid art career.

Solomon Walker

SHOOT NYC - Even Invitation for Photographers

As a member at Hasselblad, I received an invite today to their amazing upcoming event in NYC. Unfortunately, I wont be in the NYC area at the end of the month, as am attending some art-related event here in downtown Toronto, Canada, during that same period. I would like to share the info with my friends here on RB, who perhaps would be interested in attending. Its a fantastic event to learn so much more about photography, about incredible Medium Format dslr cameras, and Digital image processing techniques to elevate your work even more.

The event details reads as follows:

SHOOT NYC is an exciting and informative forum featuring live shooting sets incorporating the latest photographic technology on the market today. In addition to a wide range of FREE professional photography seminars, ind…

NEW MAGAZINE: National Geographic Family

National Geographic is launching a new magazine aimed specifically for the FAMILY. They are sending out a call for original images immediately to fill the glossy pages of the publication. If you are a photographer who loves making fabulous images that folks of all-walk-of-life would enjoy, its definitely worth your while to participate.

The editors needs the following:
• Watersports and water activities: diving into lakes from boats or jetty; snorkelling/swimming underwater en famille.

• Safaris: viewing animals, with guides, on jeeps etc, maybe riding elephants. The family must be clearly involved.

• Camping or ‘clamping’: setting up camp (expensive and top of the range tents), playing round the campsite, going hiking/walking, bike riding, family all together.

The learn more, …


Recently while cruising various photo-sites and art communities online, I noticed a mark increase in the level of interest for press ID.

Of course, the offerings are varied and creative. While some are free (http://www.bighugelabs.com/badge.php), some do cost a slight fee – http://www.ep-fed.org/C1home.html , http://www.ia-pp.com/en/presspass/press-pass-id... , http://www.picturestock.com/phpcode/web/press_p... …and some – alot of slight fees!!).

The ones which caught my attention yesterday was from Flickr users http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=press%20pass , and even a huge group – http://www.flickr.com/groups/98949914@N00/ ) dedicated solely to this fascinating piece of essential document that has been around for decades. Now, in a computer age, it app…

MODFA Newest Shows

Once again, the MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ART premier’s the newest exhibitions of ART and PHOTOS from exceptionally talented men and women from across the globe. The exhibitions runs from August 15 through to September 14, 2011.

Of course, there are some select creative individuals from the vast and popular RB art community, and we are thankful for their participation and support. We look forward to everyone’s visit, support and participation. Oh yeah, we are always on look-out for gifted artists, so please do submit your work for consideration in future shows.

Cheers and enjoy a view of brilliant Art and Photos!

p.s. please join us on FaceBook

Grateful, Thanks alot for all the features of my new images...

Thanks very kindly to the – Toronto: A City and its Photographers group – for featuring my images:

Thanks very kindly to the Life in the City, Suburbs, or Bush group for featuring…

Thanks so very kindly to the Abstract Art group for their featuring my work, Saddle Country. Greatly appreciated.

Thanks very much to the Canadian Artists and Art , and the wonderful ladies who host this special RB Group, for featuring two of my recent entries:

…and, to the Male Appreciation group
for featuring these images…

Am honored and humbled as always for everyone’s consideration. Looking forward to making more interesting art and images. Good Cheers!!


I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the new artists participating at the MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ART July 1-31, 2011 exhibition. It was a great opening yesterday, with lots of visitors, and promises to be yet another wonderful event at the MODFA for early summer.

RB club…
Although we have gone far afield over the last two and half years at the MODFA, in our search for exceptional art and artists, I do believe this is our first time making an entire selection of artwork from the brilliant artists on RB. And, what an interesting adventure it was cruising across galleries and portfolios, visiting new collections from members. And, although, over the last few months, I simply haven’t had the chance to login and see many of the new uploads from friends, its always exciti…


I would like to extend a huge thank you, again, to all the exceptional artists and photographers who participated in the MODFA (MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ART) projects and exhibitions. The shows has been a huge success thus far, attracting more than 14,000 new visitors in recent weeks!

To all our past participating arts and photographers, please note that your work is still being displayed at the MODFA under Past Exhibitions [ here and here ]. Please check your external links pointing to your work, and now re-direct them to the past exhibition pages as mentioned above. New display galleries are in the works for summer 2011, which will house the all the great art and photo images that our visitors love.

Also, a big thank you to Bożena Nitka for recently mentioning the MODFA to Polish Televis…


I just wanted to add a BIG thank you to all the support for the MODFA from fellow members here on RB, and else, who has responded to my offer of exhibiting a piece of their fine art work (either as a photographer or Digital artist). The MODFA two recent exhibitions has been a great success, attracting alot of traffic and, most importantly, essential exposure for our select artists in the showing.

And even more, as I received a wonderful email earlier today from one artist, who stated:

“Regarding your site, it is truly a beautiful production, Solomon, artistically as well as spiritually, and ironically as I was entertaining a client yesterday afternoon I brought up your site and, needed to say, she was very taken with your creation so much so she also inquired into a limited series p



And a HUGE HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my friends and visitors on RB!!

Wishing everyone the best and more success in 2011. Thanks for the sales and comments on my art and photography over the last two years. Deeply appreciated for sure.

A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful international artists who replied and submitted their art work for our January showing at the (MODFA) MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ART

The new and exciting MODFA exhibition is scheduled for showing Saturday January 1, but since we are all in different time zones, its now opened earlier, so do pay a visit. Our 12 New Year artists currently showing are:

- Alex Preiss- Denise Abe- Emilio Blanco Campo-Díaz- George Lenz- Haya M.- James Malcomson- Paul Alleyne- Susan Ringler- Tomas Kanka- Valerie Anne Kelly- Rose Dew…
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