Introducing - New talents at the MODFA for June 2012!

The Museum Of Digital Fine Art (MODFA) ( – established in 2008, is one of the premier online galleries for showcasing emerging and professional international artists and photographers who produce work mainly with the aid of digital tools in digital medium. They are Modern Digital Artists!

At the MODFA, we are continually seeking the best talents, individuals who are dedicated to their craft, continually refining their techniques, and who wish to exhibit their work and have the opportunity to get further promotional assistance from potential offline venues such as industry papers and galleries, and of course collectors of unique art. Oh yes, and to have center stage in front of a large and enthusiastic crowd of global art lovers monthly!

Here in June 2012 the MODFA and MODFA Xhibitions ( ) introduces 12 exceptional artists and photographers whose work stands out from the crowd. Big congrats to them all!

Thanks for your support everyone.

Solomon Walker
Director, Curator
Museum Of Digital Fine Art (MODFA)
MODFA Xhibitions

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