PUBLISHED - Art & Beyond Magazine

Am very excited to announce the newest edition of Art & Beyond Magazine, just published today. And it looks amazing!!

It was just a week ago that I was asked by Mila Ryk, the publisher, to include an article for her amazing magazine, which in this issue cast some light on the brilliance of Digital Art and Photography. Well, I needed to include at least one piece of art in the article, and I decided to post a request here on RB and on the MODFA Facebook page. That was on Monday, and happily, I received some wonderful responses, including from Shulie, Andrew Nawroski, Paul Quixote, EON, Mike Morrison, Athex.

Andew’s art work “Renaissance Child” made it just in time with the exact resolution needed late Monday evening and, I finally breathed a sigh of relief as Mila emailed back and said all was ok.

So, here at last is the brilliant new Art & Beyond Magazine for your enjoyment:

Thanks again everyone for your support and input, and please keep a lookout for more articles on Digital Art and Photography, from myself, my art associates and of course, the MODFA (Museum Of Digital Fine Arts).

Continued success.

Solomon Walker
Director/Curator, MODFA
Museum Of Digital Fine Arts

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