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Welcome To SOLOMON WALKER Creative Shop on RB

Solomon Walker is a Professional Artist and Photographer who has been drawing and painting since the age of 11. His formal artistic education came through technical schools, workshops and personal tutorship. His specialized training includes Anatomy, Sculpture, Portraiture, Graphics Design and Print Making, Illustration, Computer Graphics, Painting, Drawing, Typography, Fashion design, Photography and Video-graphy. His artistic influences include Realism, Abstract Expressionism, Cubism, Conceptual, Dadaism, plus other modernist art movements.

Creative Process….
Solomon’s unique fine art and images are created from a mix of internal emotions and external circumstances, influenced by global events and cultural philosophies, from the modern to the ancient. He is dedicated to working with new media, especially digital creativity, where he has achieved brilliant productions. The final results live in a realm of mixed abstract and conceptual forms, depicting subjects and ideas that ponders many questions. Solomon’s work is truly akin to his perception of the ever-changing world around him.

Solomon has received various awards for his work in both fine art and photography, and holds certificates and diplomas in both medium as well.

ALL of Solomon Walker’s fine Art & Photographic images are available as LIMITED EDITION PRINTS (between 5 to 10 pieces ONLY).

You can email Solomon with any further questions regarding his art and creativity. In addition, you may like to visit additional sites by the artist at: Solomon Walker ….and his personal Blog gallery – SWD

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MUSEUM OF DIGITAL FINE ARTS – Exhibitions of modern artists and their art monthly!

  • Joined: May 2008


Immo Jalass: Immo’s Universe – solo exhibition – Sept. 20 – Oct. 4, 2014 (extended to October 10)

The Museum of Digital Fine Arts is happy to present the solo exhibition of one of modern art’s most prolific and creative artists: Immo Jalass / Starting September 20, and through to October 4 – 2014 we will present a showcase of Immo Jalass’ work that spans over five decades. So, please stop by to have a look at some samples of brilliant and unusual artistic creations that are sure to agitate t…
Posted 3 months – 3 comments

Museum of Digital Fine Arts - Summer Exhibitions 2

Once again, we are very happy to announce Part 2 of our Summer journey into Digital creativity with extraordinary artists from across the globe. / Starting today, August 28 (to September 12, 2014) we are shedding light on 8 super talented artists, all of whom create brilliant artwork on the virtual/digital canvas. Come and see 24 pieces of awe-inspiring art created by: Eduardo García, David Navi…
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MUSEUM of DIGITAL FINE ARTS Summer Exhibitions

The Museum of Digital Fine Arts — opens it first of two summer exhibitions starting tomorrow, June 18th, featuring wonderful works by: Rogerio Viana, Georges Frank de Cuzey, and Mario Sughi. / Please stop by to lend support to your fellow artists, and get inspired by their creative art and ideas. / / / Best …
Posted 6 months – 4 comments


thanks so kindly to the ARTISTIC MOTION – Photography – – Group for featuring some of my new photographic work. Gratefully appreciated to Danica and her team. / - Untitled (x2) / - Urban: Recycling Plant
Posted 8 months – 2 comments